Sunday, May 8, 2011 Launches New Open Publishing Platform ( is releasing the final pieces of its full publishing platform. Now, anyone can be a publisher without having to spend the years and invest the dollars formerly required to build book printing, ebook creation, book and ebook distribution, and book selling businesses.

The Lulu Open Publishing Platform is accessible via application programming interfaces (APIs) enabling publishers, website builders, and entrepreneurial content owners to easily publish the books they and their authors have created. "Lulu is making all the tools we have built over the last eight years available to anyone and everyone to better serve their markets," says Lulu CEO Bob Young. "Our remarkable global book printing network, ebook creation tools, and distribution services are now available to a new generation of publishers and entrepreneurs to serve their markets at lower cost, more profitably than ever before possible."

Lulu's Open Publication APIs enable publishers, businesses, and developers to create web applications, powered by Lulu, and marketed under their own brand names. Today, Lulu is announcing the final pieces of the platform - two new APIs to complete the publishing cycle.

The first, a new Document Conversion API, will convert any Word, RTF, and HTML document to a print-ready PDF. These document conversion tools rely in part on Aspose Corp's world-class solution for Word document conversion. Lulu makes that solution available to anybody who wants to publish a book.

The other is Lulu's new E-Commerce API. This will allow developers to place orders for their users programmatically. Developers will be able to sell their books from their own sites, keeping control of the user's information. After the sale is made, the developer can send the order information to Lulu and access an established global network to print and ship the book directly to customers. The developer is able to easily fulfill all their orders. According to Lulu's Director of Technology, Ryan Bloom, "This is our most requested API, and marks a big step forward for Lulu." Bloom added; "Due to the importance of all aspects of online commerce security, Lulu is looking forward to working closely with those partners who sign on to use our new E-Commerce API tools."

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