Sunday, August 26, 2007

First Novel of Jane Austen's Life

Though her work achieved only modest success during her lifetime, Jane Austen's stories have since acquired a faithful, multigenerational and worldwide following. They have sold millions of copies and have been made into numerous movies.

Like the characters in her stories, Jane never ventured far from her own corner of the world. Yet growing up in a clergyman's home gave her opportunities to watch human nature at its best -- and worst. Through it all, she struggled to find her place in life.

Basing her novel on actual family letters, historical writings and careful research, acclaimed author Nancy Moser illuminates Jane Austen and the world she lived in, transporting readers into the life and mind of the witty young writer.

In this realistic and moving portrayal, Moser lets readers tag along on Jane's journey as she tries to accept both who she is and the meaning of the life she has been given, learning to trust that her own circumstances have some purpose beyond herself.

Interest in Jane Austen will be especially strong this fall as two related movies are released in theaters: Becoming Jane and The Jane Austen Book Club.

Just Jane will release simultaneously with a Bethany House insight edition of Pride and Prejudice, which gives readers a richer and more engaging look into the world of this classic novel.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nancy Moser is the author of three inspirational humor books and a dozen novels, including Mozart's Sister and Time Lottery, a Christy Award winner. She teaches writing at a regional college and is an inspirational speaker. She has earned a degree in architecture; ran a business with her husband; traveled extensively in Europe; and performed in various theaters, symphonies, and choirs. She and her husband have three grown children and make their home near Kansas City.

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