Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diversity Key to Success in the Publishing World

Within the competitive world of publishing, one must expand beyond the author role to survive. With the release of the final book in her inspirational series approaching, author L. Diane Wolfe has already made the move to diversify. She eagerly tackles her speaker, teacher, tutor, marketer, and publisher positions and encourages others to do the same. And with the assistance of the Internet, Wolfe accomplishes this from a small town in Eastern North Carolina.

In addition to promoting the latest in her series, The Circle of Friends, she is an active speaker and lecturer. Her seminars on publishing and promoting are offered at many North Carolina community colleges, attracting aspiring writers of all ages. On the Internet, she manages a writer's group called The Writer's Meow. Wolfe intends to offer private consulting this fall, helping other authors avoid some of the pitfalls she encountered early in her career. In 2008, she will have yet another option available when she starts her own publishing company. She also conducts seminars on goal setting, speaks to clubs and writer's groups, and participates in book festivals.

Marketing and promotion was something Wolfe quickly learned to master. She averages sixty store appearances each year; a feat few authors attempt these days. In addition to physical book signings and speaking engagements, the author promotes her series through virtual online tours. Wolfe maintains a website & blog for her series and contributes articles for numerous other sites. Her readers and fans now span the globe and know the author as "Spunk On A Stick."

Wolfe intends to utilize her publishing company to supply the growing need in the market place for clean and uplifting fiction. Despite the current salacious trend in young adult/adult titles, The Circle of Friends feature positive, moral tales. The author's Southern-based series focuses on the pursuit of dreams and overcoming of obstacles. Meant to inspire as well as entertain, Wolfe's books have been described as "encouragement personified." Through speaking engagements and programs such as "Book 'Em," she continues to promote positive books for young adults and assist writers of all ages.

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