Saturday, September 1, 2007

E-Reading Experience Comes Alive

Recent studies show that romance readers are among the tech-savviest of readers. In fact, an article in the 8/9/07 issue of the New York Times reported that "the (e-book bestseller) lists are led by romance and women's fiction." Now, for the first time ever in the publishing industry, Avon Books will offer a cutting-edge e-book original, LADY AMELIA'S SECRET LOVER (on-sale 9/4/07, $3.99, Avon Books), by bestselling author Victoria Alexander, as an exclusive e-book with embedded video starring the author.

"Through Avon's many successful online initiatives, we've learned that romance readers want to foster a relationship with their favorite authors," notes Avon Books publisher Liate Stehlik. "The publication of this exclusive e-book featuring a popular author allows us to deliver the personal contact that fans desire."

Consider it an online DVD extra: As readers makes their way through the downloadable e-book, Alexander will pop up onscreen at various points in the novel to talk candidly about the plot's turning points and her vivid characters. This multimedia experience will draw readers into the novel with words and insights directly from the famed romance author.

Lucia Macro, executive editor for Morrow/Avon, says, "When I first saw Victoria Alexander come onscreen, I couldn't get over how much fun it was to see (and hear) her commentary. We specifically chose this author to launch this new technology because Victoria, a former broadcast journalist, has extensive on camera experience. She also has a great sense of humor -- which comes along winningly in these interactive pop-ups."

The "DNL Reader" technology used to bring alive this interactive e-book was developed by DNAML Pty Limited. Theresa Horner, director of e-book operations for HarperCollins Publishers, notes, "We have created a dynamic experience that engages the reader in a unique way -- this DNL Reader technology enables us to bring together author and reader -- and extends the author's vision in new and exciting ways."


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