Saturday, September 22, 2007

Belletristic Press Author Beats the Odds

"Not many people in my life have had faith in me. No one ever thought that my writing would evolve into something worth publishing. But I've learned that the pen is powerful, and I will use it as my sword." Felisha Bradshaw shared this profound sentiment with Belletristic Press Executive Editor Charli Domelevo, who edited Bradshaw's debut street lit novel Eyes on the Pryze.

Diagnosed with narcolepsy in 1992 and dropping out of high school in 10th grade, Bradshaw's parents feared she was headed down a path of self-destruction. But Bradshaw's love of reading and writing saved her. Years later, Bradshaw earned her GED then enrolled in Housatonic Community College. In May 2007, at the age of 37, she graduated with an Associate degree in Science and a 3.0 GPA despite a disorder that caused her to suddenly fall asleep in one third of her courses.

In the interim, she penned Eyes on the Pryze; a fast-paced gritty Urban Fiction account of Chase Pryze and his identical twin brother, Caine. The twins, separated at birth, meet face-to-face as rival twenty-two-year-old drug lords in an explosive, edge of your seat showdown. "I was awestruck by Felisha's no nonsense storytelling from the first chapter of Eyes on the Pryze to the last," says Domelevo. "Her novel captures the heart and soul of the hip hop lit genre while providing life lessons to the predominately teenage readers of this genre, without being preachy or condescending."

Bradshaw, who is openly lesbian, is active in various youth outreach programs in her native Bridgeport, CT, and is an advocate for GLBT rights. Her success story serves as inspiration to at-risk youth around the globe.


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