Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keller Media Helps Authors Prepare To Celebrate September Holiday

Did you know that according to the Chase Calendar September is the "Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month"? Malibu literary agent, Wendy Keller, offers writers the information they need to get published so they can celebrate the holiday while working on making their publishing dreams come true.

More than 187,000 new books will be published in the US this year, according to the Book Industry Study Group. "Will one of them be yours?" asks Malibu literary agent Wendy Keller, senior agent at Keller Media, Inc. "I've never met a person who doesn't want to get a book published," she said.

Keller, whose company specializes in nonfiction books intended for adults, has reduced more than 18 years of experience and just over 550 books sold worldwide to a compelling formula. Keller offers writers the tools to create a winning book proposal that has the five critical elements covered. Miss one of these elements and your book proposal can end up in the recycle pile. "Once people understand the Lego-like process of building a proposal, they see their dream coming true. It's a matter of knowing what to put where and when, add a dash of passion to some great content, and there you have it." says Keller.

Keller's client list includes best sellers like Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Richard Brodie (the guy who invented Microsoft Word), top level professional speakers like Jim Cathcart and Dr. Nate Booth, leaders of industry, and media darlings like Char Margolis and Col. Randall Larsen.

As an example, Keller says, Jack Canfield had the Chicken Soup for the Soul book proposal rejected dozens of times before finding a willing publisher. Had Canfield known about the five critical elements of a book proposal he might have been published and enjoying celebrity status years earlier.

Keller has the experience, knows what she's talking about and a dream to help more would be authors climb the best seller lists. To make this possible and affordable, Keller Media offers a beginning author live seminar and the popular "Wendy Keller's Simple, Step-By-Step Six CD Program for Getting Your Nonfiction Book Proposal Written & Sold For Maximum Money" that explains and leads people through the process of creating those "five critical elements" of a salable book proposal. Aspiring authors may erase the learning curve by visiting http://www.kellermedia.com/ and by joining the free e-zine.

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