Sunday, September 30, 2007

Library of Congress Launches National Book Festival Toolkit

In addition to planning a range of activities for this year's National Book Festival, the Library of Congress just launched the National Book Festival Young Readers' Online Toolkit to bring the festival into libraries, schools and homes across the country.

The Toolkit features information about National Book Festival authors who write for children and teens, podcasts of their readings, exclusive Q&A about their inspiration and writing process, teaching tools and activities for kids. This interactive resource also shows educators, parents and children how they can host their own book festivals.

The new Online Toolkit will help students, educators and parents bring the magic of the National Book Festival to their classrooms, libraries and homes to make the National Book Festival a truly national experience. The Hosting Guide provides an overview of the toolkit and shows how to use its resources to host local reading celebrations. Students can work with their parents, teachers and librarians and follow these easy steps to organize book festivals in their classrooms, libraries and homes.

Also, check out additional podcasts with the following participating authors who shared their latest work and discoveries: Terry Pratchett, Maria Celeste ArrarĂ¡s, Charles Simic, Rosemary Wells, Victoria Rowel, Patricia MacLachlan, Megan McDonald, and Holly Black.


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mikon said...

Library of Congress has launched the national topic for the citizens to America. Majority of the visits of the statement have been productive with the help of the students. The library of Congress is huge and beneficial for the congressmen.