Saturday, September 29, 2007

Self-Publishing 101: Beware of Wolves Dressed as Publishers

"Keep all the rights to your book!"

"Set your own prices!"

If you are a new author looking to self-publish, you have more than likely come across these phrases from companies claiming to help you self publish your book. You have probably requested more information from these companies with the hopes that they will be the answer to your prayers in the quest for more information. These so called companies stand to make a huge profit from your book, whether you make anything or not. These so called 'publishers' promise to make your book available all over the world and in bookstores. Beware. These companies are wolves. And they are out to get your money.

BlackBerry Literary Services was founded in 2005 by author Sandra Peoples-Gates after she bought into the hype that she would be self-publishing a book, her book would be available in stores and people could purchase her book from anywhere in the world. Some hard core research led Sandra to discover the ugly truth about these companies: "They are ripping authors off, big time," she says.

After learning of other authors in the area who had also been suckered by the same company she had gone to, Peoples-Gates decided that it was time to start educating others on what to do and what not to do when it comes to self-publishing. She offers a workshop for writers entitled 'Self-Publishing 101: beware of wolves dressed as publishers,' which breaks down the entire self publishing process and how to do it correctly. Her company literally 'walks clients through the entire process, step by step.' "Authors need to know how to self-publish the right way for their profit, not to fatten the pockets of others. They wrote the book. Why should someone else get paid for it."


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