Sunday, December 2, 2007

Graphic Designer Shares Her Secrets to Book Cover Design

Karen Saunders, herself an award-winning book cover designer and owner of MacGraphics Services, has just posted another in a series of free design-it-yourself articles on her website. Half the battle in selling a book is getting someone to look at it. Saunders shows you how to accomplish this in her latest article, entitled "Design a Book Cover That Flies Off the Shelf." Saunders guides the self-published author through the basics of designing a book cover that not only gets picked up, but also gets sold. The article can be seen at

Saunders has a simple four-step system to getting the most out of book covers, and never forgets the primary goal - to sell the book.

"Looks aren't everything," says Saunders. "Great graphics combined with proven sales techniques in just the right spots make a book hard to put down. Authors need to work just as hard on the cover as they did on what's inside."

Saunders shares her success secrets in a simple format. She takes the four basic parts of a book cover - front cover, back cover, spine and inside flaps - and shows how to use each one to its full advantage.

The techniques in this article can also be used with e-books, which are fast becoming an alternative to books bought in a traditional brick and mortar store.

Upcoming articles will continue to take the mystery out of marketing. Readers will learn:

Top design techniques so their marketing pieces will rival ones created by a professional.

Unique twists on the most popular marketing essentials.

How to create visual branding that will turn potential customers into paying ones.

Tips on creating the right advertising mood that will attract your perfect customers without saying a word.
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Saunders has won awards for her book cover designs, and is recognized as an expert in the field of graphic design. She founded MacGraphics Services in 1990 and is a leading designer of marketing materials such as ads, logos, one-sheets, audio and video packaging, and book covers and interiors. Saunders' award-winning covers can be viewed at

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