Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sound Authors Radio Show Brings Live Interviews and Readings

Each Friday at 1PM Eastern Standard Time, Sound Authors radio show features live interviews and readings from all varieties of authors, known and not-yet-known; all soon-to-be bestselling authors from all walks of life, from Hollywood actors to marathoners, to PhD therapists or life coaches. On this talk radio show, it is the story that counts. Authors sound off on every possible topic, from cuisine to culture, and from nature to nurture.

The show also podcasts each interview separately, and all archived podcasts can be searched from the Sound Authors website at

Tune in January 4th to the live show or podcast to hear Alan Tripp, who at the age of 20 broadcasted the news on WMCA in New York. He's run an ad agency, produced the first network Pro Football Championship, has written three books, and has been an entertaining guest on radio and TV shows from New York to San Diego. His latest project, IN THE HOLE! Poetic Justice for Golf Fanatics, is a combination audio CD and book about the fun side of golf.

Sound Authors radio show each week is replete with authors from around the country and around the world, each telling their tales, from self-help to fiction, children's books to thrillers, how-to books to corporate guidebooks.

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