Sunday, December 30, 2007

UK's First Top 10 List of Out-of-Print Books has released the list of the top 10 most sought-after out-of-print books in the UK. Unlike traditional annual lists of bestselling books, this list consists of titles which readers seek out independently, without being biased by publishers' publicity machines.

The books represent diverse interests, including Angling Times articles, 1950s environmental disaster fiction, historical timepieces, and Madonna's somewhat less historical collection of racy photos (the only title to appear both on the U.S. and UK lists).

"While the book trade is increasingly driven by book-of-the-day marketing, it's refreshing to see readers still seeking out classic titles decades after their last printing," says founder Anirvan Chatterjee. "The public appeal of these books stands the test of time."

The top 10 as compiled by

1) The Forests of England (1976) by Peter J. Neville Havins; history of
England's timberland

2) Walker's Pitch: A Selection of Articles from the Angling Times (1959)
by Richard Walker; from the classic angling magazine, now
incorporated into Anglers Today

3) The Widow Makers (2005) by Jean Mead; on North Wales mining

4) Sex (1992) by Madonna; pop icon's book of erotic photos

5) The Death of Grass (1957) by Samuel Youd (writing as John
Christopher); post-apocalyptic SF about a virus that kills all forms
of grass, upsetting nature's balance

6) Labyrinth (1986) by A. C. H. Smith; novelisation of David Bowie movie
of the same name

7) Extreme Rock (1987) by Ken Wilson and Bernard Newman; from the Great
British Rock Climbs series

8) The Big Greed (1966) by Kenneth Giles; hardboiled crime thriller set
in the U.S.

9) Brass Dial Clocks (1998) by Brian Loomes; on 17th and 18th century
brass timepieces

10) The Red Sailor (1968) by Patrick O'Hara; novel about the Royal Navy
at the start of the Korean War has also released the list of top 10 most sought-after out-of-print books in the U.S., viewable online at


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