Sunday, January 20, 2008

Make A Book in Minutes with Do-It-Yourself Book Publishing

Wordclay makes it simple for writers of all experience levels to self-publish ( their books. Authors create a free password-protected online account that lets them control each step of the publishing process, from uploading the manuscript to designing the front cover to selecting the price of the book and their royalty. The book doesn't need to be published in one sitting; the authors' work is saved at every step.

During its highly successful beta period, users started nearly 5,000 book projects with the free publishing ( tool.

"Wordclay's book knowledge is 'baked in,' which means users don't need to be concerned about the details of publishing, such as calculating spine width and gutter size, and can instead focus on writing a great book and then marketing it," said Dave McCauley, Wordclay president. "Equipped with a computer and Internet connection, Wordclay authors can make a book in mere minutes."

Books created on the Wordclay Web site are printed on-demand, ensuring authors will not have to pay for the cost to print a single copy before it is sold.

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