Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Author-Friendly Do-It-Yourself Publishing

What if there was a way for authors to get their books published and easily distributed to readers worldwide? And what if authors were actually in charge of all decisions and received the highest net returns in the do-it-yourself (DIY) publishing industry? Wordclay and BookCrossing have joined forces to make this vision a reality with AuthorCrossing (, where authors come first.

The partnership of Wordclay (, the DIY publishing imprint of Author Solutions, Inc., and BookCrossing ( ), the leader in book social networking, is a natural fit. Nearly 15 percent of the BookCrossing community, which includes more than one million people in some 140 countries, are authors as well as readers. AuthorCrossing offers the resources of both companies to all those authors worldwide.

BookCrossing members and non-members will be able to start their journey at the BookCrossing site located at, which offers a step-by-step process for authors to get their works published. The same location includes features for members and non-members to rate, review, comment on and purchase books, giving these authors an instant online distribution channel and a way to promote their books to a worldwide community of published writers and book lovers.

Beyond creating the book, the partnership also offers distribution services, making books accessible via thousands of retail outlets such as, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Publishing through Wordclay allows authors to have complete control over the content and design of their books. In addition, authors retain all rights to their work, a rarity in the self-publishing world.


Anonymous said...

I love this article, I just started publishing through Asssociated Content, but I have a finished book of poetry and this really helped me trying to find a reputable publishing company.

Bill Bailey said...

I'm taking an interesting new approach to my latest book, the biography of a 90s alt-rock band, directed at hardcore fans of the band.

Thought you might be interested in the concept: