Sunday, May 4, 2008

More Than One Hundred Countries Publish Their Documents Online For Free

YUDU Freedom, a service that lets anyone publish documents online for free, has produced over 1500 digital publications for individual publishers in more than 121 countries in its first week. The service available from lets anyone make professional digital publications - such as e-Books and e-Zines - from a PDF in seconds.

One in three visitors published were from the US and the UK but other countries such as Spain, Finland and Slovakia saw a very high interest. Other parts of the world publishing online include: Bulgaria, Japan, Argentina, Columbia, Hong Kong, Israel and Kazakhstan.

Thirty-six per cent of those visiting the site went on to publish their documents with the most popular publications being e-Zines, e-Books, Corporate brochures, and newsletters. Other publication types include reports, thesis’, creative writing showcases, CVs and portfolios.

YUDU Freedom converts your PDF into a Flash publication which is simple to upload to a website or blog or distributed via email. YUDU publications are also hosted for free and publishers have the comfort of knowing that their work will be read in a professional page-turning format with all the benefits of a website, including live links.

The site also features PDF help and advice and links to software that will convert your document into a PDF if it isn’t in that format already.

SEO Friendly

Documents created with YUDU Freedom are also search engine accessible, helping individual publishers get their work noticed online. Links to external websites can also be included so that it is possible to direct traffic to a blog or website straight from the publication.

For the comfort of all publishers and readers YUDU Freedom ask that the content does not breach the copyright of others; is not offensive; and is not adult in nature.

YUDU Freedom can turn your PDF into something that is professional and attractive and is flexible enough to be distributed worldwide, embedded on a site or kept for personal use.

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