Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Anyone Can Write a Children's Book -- And Get it Published

So it seems we've discovered the deep-down desire of every celebrity in the world: writing a children's book.

And, of course, what celebrities want, celebrities get. That's why the children's book section of your local bookstore seems like an extension of a tabloid magazine. Professional athletes, singers, actors, politicians, fashion models, royalty...everyone, it seems, who's famous is a newly minted children's author.

For the rest of us, the burning question becomes:

* Is it still possible for a non-celebrity to write and publish a children's book? *

Thankfully, the answer is "Yes" -- but it's not so easy. You need to know how to vault over the scores of other aspiring writers to grab that elusive contract reserved for non- famous.

That's the info the new, free eReport "The Non-Celebrity's Guide to Getting a Children's Book Published" provides. The report is a fun, irreverent, no-nonsense primer on how it's done, with tips on how to leap over the "slush pile" of unsolicited submissions at a publisher, sell yourself in a query letter, find niches with less competition from other writers and much, much more.

The report was created by the editors of Children's Book Insider, the Newsletter for Children's Writers, and is available for instant download at absolutely no cost or obligation. To download a copy, just visit:

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