Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scribd Wants to Find Out Who Has The Most Interesting Hard Drive

Scribd, the online document publishing and sharing site, began a quest today to find the most interesting new unpublished content out there. Scribd's "Most Interesting Hard Drive" contest will tap its nearly 20 million monthly unique visitors, and is offering great prizes, such as a MacBook Air to the first place winner.

Everyone has hundreds if not thousands of documents sitting on their hard drives, and Scribd's mission is to unlock this information by making it really easy for anyone to publish it online. This contest turns this mission into a game, and judges whose hard drive is the "most interesting" by keeping track of whose content accumulates the most total views in a specified period of time.

Users can upload all kinds of content, such as old school work from high school or college, business and legal documents sitting on their hard drives, cool out-of-copyright texts that have been collected over the years, funny and entertaining content, and any other quality documents that Scribd's community will appreciate. Most of the viewers of content will come from search engines like Google, but users can also promote their own work by submitting it to Digg or embedding it in their blog.

To enter the contest, users must upload new and original documents that they have rights to distribute, and start by signing up at Once the documents are up on the site, Scribd will track the number of page views each document receives and award prizes to the three contestants whose material garners the most views.

The grand prize winner will receive a MacBook Air. The second place finisher will win a Kindle from Amazon. Finally, the third place winner will receive an Apple iPod Nano.

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