Sunday, November 30, 2008

DailyLit Launches Book Samplers

DailyLit (, an innovative digital publisher, launched its newest feature, Book Samplers, which combine short excerpts from different books. The Book Samplers are sent to readers in DailyLit's customized, scheduled installments that arrive by email or RSS, allowing readers to receive a short sample of a new book each day.

The Book Samplers are designed to make discovering and selecting new books on DailyLit easy for readers. Any book featured in a Sampler contains a link that lets readers instantly access the book on DailyLit or add it to their To-Read list on the site. The Book Samplers are entirely free, and the books that are sampled are available in full in prices ranging from free to $9.95.

Each Book Sampler has a unique topic, which will allow readers to discover new books in genres they like. Romance novels, science fiction, and motherhood are three of the eleven topics currently available, with more to come in the following months. Also available is a special Gift Ideas sampler, which features books on DailyLit that are ideal for giving as gifts. Readers can easily send the books as gifts to friends using DailyLit's gift feature, which allows readers to include personalized messages with their gifts.

"Having a free daily tasting of books delivered right into your email inbox is a great way to find new books to read," said Susan Danziger, CEO of DailyLit. "And if you like a book, you can continue reading it almost immediately."

The samplers can be viewed at:


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