Sunday, November 30, 2008

Internet Novel Writing Project That Everyone Can Join

Make Literature Online, the fastest growing collaborative writing community, today announced the launch of its first fiction book writing project: The novel "People";

"A tale of people that collide into each other. That fight with each other. That seek for acceptance, friendship and love."

Since its launch in April 2008, Make Literature Online website was quickly became the favorable collaborative writing environment for writers, readers, pros and enthusiasts, and has quickly gained a substantial following.

Armed with little more than a desire for a fresh literature experience, users of all backgrounds and skill levels have unique opportunity to take equal part in shaping the storylines of new novels, by submitting inspiring ideas for new stories, new chapters for ongoing fiction writing projects, or by selecting the best writings from an online catalogue and discussing the submitted stories in forums.

"People" – the novel, is the first result of this collaborative community effort. One which storyline was selected among numerous of other submissions as most interesting and inspiring to launch new novel creation process that everyone can and should contribute.

The proof of this open concept is the storyline author itself: Raluca Enescu - young student of sociology and philosophy from Romania, in her words "a bit of a hippie, a bit of a thinker and somewhat feminist":

"I've seen the movie »Crash« a while ago-and I guess that's where I got the idea of people of different backgrounds, views and mentalities colliding into each other. Let's just say it's a »critical thinking« experiment. It's an exercise of »how to see trough the eyes of the other« - which, I believe, is much needed for living in the real life, among real people."

Asked to comment on how does she anticipates her storyline developing on the course of this project, Raluca said:

"Well, I wouldn't want to make any predictions. I think this is up to the ones who will write the story, not to me. The thing is- everyone who will contribute will have a very different view on the storyline and the characters. There can be very conflicting views. That's the beauty about collaborative writing."

At the dawn of the 21st Century and Social Media revolution, new media is forcing the rapid evolution of communications and is reinventing the conventional fiction writing into the art of "personalized" storytelling. This is the practice of matching our stories with the preferences of those we wish to reach, through the active communication and interaction with the audience.

The destiny of "People" novel is now entirely in hands of the online community and its vast creative potential demonstrated so many times in recent years. If successful, this project may mark a new chapter in the history of modern fiction literature, and be the roll-model for many similar ventures that are jet to come.

You'll be able to follow "People" daily progress on its official blog at

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articleinside said...

The first time i heard of this idea i had doubts. How could you leave something up to just anyone?
However i have been thinking of it for a while now.. I think its brilliant. Something constructed by the people. Something constructed of so many different views, inspirations, backgrounds..
This is definitely a genius and yet interesting project.

I really love the idea now, its great that anyone can be part of it whether it is a professional writer, published writer, or a hobby writer... its for everyone.

Thanks for posting!
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