Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Book Review Gizmo Accurately Suggests Books for Any Personality recently launched the company's new web-based book review suggestion generator, The Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer, a free application which suggests books for all interests and personality types, available at

Going beyond the typical product suggestion formula of "if you like book A, then you're simply going to love book B," The Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer factors in gender, personality traits, hobbies, age, and even politics when suggesting the best reads for each individual. "When we designed The Bookulating Suggest-O-Mometer, our mission was to create a much more accurate way of recommending books to our visitors. After much research, and several tested algorithms, we're quite pleased with the results," said Michael Johnson, owner of Blue Rectangle.

According to Blue Rectangle, The Suggest-O-Mometer is a fully-interactive, web-based application that is quick and easy to use. With a retro look coupled with the curious sounds of bursting steam and mysterious clanks, using the book review generator gives one the feeling of fidgeting with an old and fanciful steam-powered scientific calculating machine. "At Blue Rectangle, we want reading to be fun. That's why we've added the creative elements that make The Suggest-O-Mometer a unique and very enjoyable experience," said Johnson.

Under the hood, the Suggest-O-Mometer is a high-tech creation that blends photo-realistic design, a complex suggestion algorithm, and video output—all with hands-on functionality, to create an entertaining and productive web experience.

To enter their unique blend of personal and demographic factors, users operate the machine's switches, buttons and dials. The Suggest-O-Mometer's calculation results in a "completely accurate" list of three book review videos for users to watch online. "The response of our customers has been tremendous. Many have considered entirely new genres and subject matter based on the book reviews returned by The Bookulating Suggest-O-Meter," Johnson said.

BlueRectangle.Com is owned by Pacific Book Exchange LLC. The website offers hundreds of book reviews, and a convenient online book buyback program. 

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