Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top 5 Self-Publishing Authors Earn $60,000 in 3rd Quarter Royalties

Outskirts Press announced that its top-five earning authors combined to gross over $60,000 in royalties in the third quarter of 2008. This is on the heels of a first quarter in which five Outskirts Press authors combined to gross over $75,000 and a second quarter in which five authors combined to gross over $50,000.

At a time when many other publishers, both traditional and POD, are downsizing during a bleak economic outlook, authors who self-publish their books with Outskirts Press are finding growing confidence in their decision to follow their self-publishing dreams. Not only can publishing a book be rewarding, these authors prove it can also be profitable if done right.

"Outskirts Press supports our authors before, during, and after publication," remarked Karl Schroeder, Director of Author Services. "For example, our Diamond and Pearl authors receive promotional tips, publicity advice, and marketing suggestions via email for years after their book is published. No other self-publishing company offers anything like it, and these royalty figures speak for themselves. Serious authors have a serious chance to make serious royalties with Outskirts Press."

As a leading force in the rapidly growing self-publishing industry, Outskirts Press provides the most comprehensive marketing services and support for self-publishing authors, although authors still must play an active role themselves. For example, to support his book about the Buffalo Bills football team, titled The Bills are Due, author Rob Thompson states, "I did many signings with former Buffalo Bills and advertised heavily on cable TV in three markets." The result? The Bills Are Due sold over 1000 copies in the first 20 days of its release and Mr. Thompson became one of the top five authors for the 3rd quarter.

Top-five author Lynn Galli points toward the importance of her website and fellow top-five co-authors Adam and Stanley Marianski agree. "I intend to increase web traffic even more by answering questions on sausage making forums," Mr. Marianski says, co-author of three books through Outskirts Press, including the most recent, The Art of Making Fermented Sausages. "This allows me to leave a link leading to my site. In time, a few thousand people will see the link, some will visit my site and will discover my books. Besides, all those links are highly valued by search engines."

To support efforts like these, Outskirts Press offers two applicable marketing options – a free author webpage with every publishing package, or a more robust, customizable author website for an additional cost.

"This is an outstanding testament to the efforts of our authors so far this year," concluded Author Services Director, Karl Schroeder. "Write a good book, utilize the professional services offered by Outskirts Press for copyediting, cover design, and unlimited wholesale distribution through online markets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And then market aggressively for results like these."

Top-five author and attorney Myles Alderman concurs. "For the past 90 days Chapter 11: Business Reorganizations has consistently been ranked one of the 10 best selling titles on Bankruptcy Law on"

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