Friday, January 16, 2009

Beachfont Press Launches a New Concept in Publishing and Marketing Books

Beachfront Press is seeking a broad spectrum of diverse writers. Our focus is on mainstream fiction. However, non-fiction manuscripts do catch our eye from time to time. Any manuscript that is a good match for our unique vision for book sales and marketing will merit serious consideration.

What is unique about the way Beachfront Press sells books?

The next time you go to the beach, take a look around at what people are doing. You'll see happy couples walking hand in hand, children frolicking at water's edge, teens sporting the latest trends in swim wear, young adults sneaking a peek at one another as they stroll confidently along, families diggin' in coolers for an afternoon snack, overprotective moms slathering on the SPF 50 sunblock as their toddlers impatiently wait, youth group leaders buried up to their necks, grandparents surveying the whole scene with a smile on their faces, lifeguards waving overly ambitious dads in toward the shore....and thousands of people READING!

That's right, READING.

Beachfront Press sells wonderful books to these people. The beachfront is our venue.

Beachfront Press doesn't do book signings/events in places where people don't know you and don't care unless you're already rich and famous. We hate to break it to you....but, unless you're already making millions in book sales, that's the way it is.

We don't try to get your book into stores where people don't know you and won't be able to find your work--even if we spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing your book. The sad truth is that your book is going to be lost under the prioritized pile of new releases--as dictated by the giant publishing houses and their distributors.

Getting our author's books on the shelves at the chain stores (you know their names), only to be lost in the endless circus of "big time" promotions is irrational and pointless. Spending ridiculous amounts of money to play this game with the "big boys" doesn't make any sense to bookstores/booksellers and it shouldn't make any sense to 99% of publishers and authors.

There must be a better way!

We don't play that game. We don't play by the rules designed to bury your work underneath such an enormous stack of Harry Potter books that it would take a real-life wizard to ever get it noticed.

Beachfront Press has created a new game, with new rules, played in a unique venue. We sell our authors' books at beachfront resorts and hotels. We sell our books and do book talks, signings and events at beachfront resorts and hotels.

We bring books and book events to people instead of the other way around!


You're sitting under a large sun tent at a table, with a stack of your books and a nice cool drink glistening in the late morning sun. Two posters greet the beachgoers, one detailing the front cover of your book and a teaser, the other extending an invitation to partake in some goodies. Freshly baked cookies and a plate of assorted fruit add a colorful, friendly, yet unspoken greeting.

Your table has been strategically placed on the green, between the resort pool and the pathway that twists its way through the dunes and onto the beach.

Curious passers-by stop to chat, pick up your book and take a gander. Maybe they pick up one of the brochures that gives a synopsis of your book and an author bio. Questions are sparked quite naturally, unlike the cold isolation generated by the stand-offish stares of isolated shoppers at a Barnes & Noble or Waldenbooks. Whispers. Awkward second glances....never- heard-of-you-brows, furrowed, at a suspicious distance.

Beachfornt Press does not take on many authors. Those that we do publish get personal attention, even before a contract is signed.

For example, when we ask for your full manuscript, we will assess it and offer you a comprehensive overview.

After an author has signed a contract with Beachfront Press, additonal editing commences that is focused on improving grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, structure and continuity.

Additionally, we work with our authors when it comes to taking an in-depth look at the manuscript's content, including: stylistic considerations, pacing and plot.

Our authors will have an individualized web page at Beachfront Press' website.


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