Sunday, January 11, 2009

Online Promotional Tools For Book Writers, a creative networking for the book community, has added various online tools to promote authors and their works. The facility for published authors includes adding and updating their profiles, blogs and articles and book extracts, reading guides, news and discussions.

Authors bookshelves have expanded to include Julian Baggini, Stephen Booth, Gervase Phinn, Peter Kerr, Jessica Fellowes, Lucy Coats, Rachel Elnaugh and Jo Gambi. Bookshelves created include, 'Books which have had the greatest influence upon me', 'Brilliant contemporary non-fiction', 'Books I'll never Forget', 'My Favourite Black Comedies' and 'Desert Island Books'.

Booksconnect is also inviting new and established writers to promote their unpublished works to the book community which involves editors, agents, publicists, publishers, librarians, booksellers and readers. This will help the authors in receiving peer review and readers recognition and securing the commisssioning they deserve. Booksconnect has received interest from both English and non English writing authors.

Countrybookshop, the online retailer of books since 1997 and a pioneer of various online initiatives now offers Free Books!

Over 300 titles have been included in the initial launch. Countrybookshop is in the process of adding more titles to the offer and plans to expand it significantly.The Free Books offer is initially limited to the UK.



Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

What actually is this? If i have a book that is not published & written by me, can i publish it here? What is the procedure to be followed?