Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tate Publishing Books More Likely to Sell With Video Trailers

Tate Publishing announced they would use video trailers and commercials to promote new books in the beginning of January. Since the start of this new project, response has been overwhelming.

According to Ryan Tate, CEO and President of Tate Publishing, "These book trailers are proving themselves to be extremely valuable marketing and promotional tools that are setting a Tate Published book and author apart from all others."

The video trailers and commercials are about 30 seconds in length and provide potential readers with a visual glimpse of the books' contents and story line. The videos and commercials were launched on the Tate Publishing online bookstore ( as well as social networking sites like YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.

"Customers are purchasing books after watching the videos because they are able to emotionally connect with the storyline before even picking up the book," stated Mark Mingle, Tate's Director of Marketing.

Tate Publishing has seen great success and value in the cost of production due to the increased sales volumes and general awareness that the video book trailers have helped to create. Most of these trailers include music, voiceovers with video, and images that help tell the story of the book.

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