Sunday, February 8, 2009 - Where Book Videos Sell Books

In 2002, promotional book videos came on the marketing scene. However, consumers had no centralized place to go to find these videos. The purpose for ( according to Nightengale Media LLC founder and Nightengale Press publisher, Valerie Connelly, is to amplify the effectiveness of the book video concept to increase book sales online for authors and publishers.

"We expect YourBookTube to become the definitive, most easily accessed, non-competitive, centralized online library of book videos. The site makes it easy for readers to make literary choices by watching book video promos on one completely categorized, comprehensive, fully optimized website. It is easy for readers to buy the book either from Your Book Tube Shop, a fully integrated, Amazon-powered book shop, or to go to the publisher's or author's linked bookstore. Best of all, YourBookTube provides a beneficial tool to every contributor along with free advertising, article marketing and reciprocal links," Connelly says.

More Benefits:

All uploads are free
All common video formats accepted.
Fully optimized site
Unlimited bandwidth
Categorized content for all common book genres.
Full video description included.
Viewer voting and reviewing options included.

Nightengale Media web developer, Michael Connelly says, "As we researched the market place, we discovered a vast range of quality and pricing. Authors even made their own using video cams and music they hadn't licensed, creating a quality issue and a serious copyright infringement problem."

All the book videos produced by Nightengale Media through their services use licensed music from Free Play Music. "Freeplay Music eliminates copyright infringement anxieties by offering convenient and inexpensive music licensing services to production companies, prosumers and individuals producing commercial works," explains Free Play Music founder, Scott Schreer.

"In simple terms, book videos are commercials for books. Effective commercials do their work in 30 to 60 seconds. Take longer than that and the viewer mentally tunes out. A book video needs engaging content revealed through pictures, music, text, and if appropriate, professional voiceover," Connelly continued. "We developed YourBookTube to solve the accessibility dilemma for authors who have or want a book video as a means to focusing the effectiveness of book videos so consumers can easily decide to buy the book," Connelly says.

Lightning Source, Inc. has joined thier growing list of industry supporters by placing YourBookTube on their Publishing Industry Resources links page on the Lightning Source website. Also, founder, Irene Watson, posted more than ninety Readerviews "book previews" on the site.

Publishers, Printers, Reviewers, Publicists and Editors who encourage their authors and clients to post their book videos on YourBookTube will be able to post their services to a dedicated section of the site, to increase exposure, gain more traffic to their sites and sales for their books. Those uploading fifty videos or more earn a free one year banner ad on the YourBookTube homepage rotator.

"We expect the benefits of YourBookTube to reach every contributor. The more videos posted, linked and viewed, the more traffic flows to and from the YourBookTube site and all the reciprocally linked sites. We expect the growth of YourBookTube to be impressive in the first year, and we expect YourBookTube to realize the long hoped-for promise of the book video to directly increase online book sales and to bring more authors and publishers into the world of book videos."

Go to to upload book videos to this centralized site where readers can find and view book videos easily and quickly.

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