Friday, May 22, 2009

Introducing a New Science Fiction, Fantasy Adventure Series

Mantis Force, an entertainment company for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adventure media, will be launching twelve websites in order to create an interactive realm for enthusiasts, through graphic novels, movies, books and other media venues. This company has a Christian foundation, which makes the series so very different from the regular genre with its often space cowboy themes, as it interprets bible prophecies and commandments, including past ages and the age to come, all with a high tech twist that spans five galaxies.

On the company's website there is an excerpt from the novel, from which the concept for this series is taken. Two of the twelve websites will be operational soon. Become involved with the Book of the Prophets and the Guardians of Light. You will be quickly drawn into this complex yet relevant in today's society new world and civilization. There will be websites for each of the ten houses of Mantis Force. And this brave new world will encompass video, audio and text.

See and learn what happens as the perfect harmony of creation vanishes under the dark storm clouds of war. Read the novel first and get a sneak peek at the upcoming media sensation. You won't want to miss a minute as the adventure begins. You will be blown away by the intelligent and invigorating storyline, characters and concepts.

Quintastraya is a Castilianized Old Latin term meaning five galaxies, while Mantis is a Greek word meaning prophets.

In any language, Mantis Force, both the company and the new adventure, is a must see experience.


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