Monday, August 10, 2009

Christian Publisher Brings Integrity To Publishing

Holy Fire Publishing, a Christian publisher, brings publishing integrity, top industry distributors and cost-effectiveness to Christian authors.

Holy Fire Publishing is founded on a fundamental belief in the Christian faith. A Christian publisher, Holy Fire Publishing is not affiliated with any denomination. Ed Hensel, founder of Holy Fire Publishing, determined that Christian authors need access to cost-effective publishing and top industry distributors by a company that will not publish books contrary to the gospel. Holy Fire Publishing is committed to publishing quality books that will bring integrity to the publishing world and will not compromise core Christian beliefs for profit. Holy Fire Publishing publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, devotionals, youth and children's books at an affordable cost.

"Holy Fire Publishing, a Christian publisher, considers publishing a ministry. Many publishers target Christian authors, while continuing to publish books contrary to the gospel. Beware of publishers that attach a "Christian page" to their website to lure in Christian authors, yet continue to publish and promote books containing illicit sexual material, witchcraft, and other matters that are contrary to Christian beliefs. Holy Fire Publishing is staffed by Christian artists, designers, publishing specialists and publishing mangers who seek to serve Christ by serving Christian authors. At Holy Fire Publishing, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior."—Ed Hensel, Founder

At Holy Fire Publishing, authors determine their own royalties, retail price and distributor discount. A Christian publisher, Holy Fire Publishing offers the most affordable publishing packages on the market when you compare all aspects of publishing. All prices are up front at Holy Fire Publishing. Some publishers require authors to sign exclusive contracts, locking them into one-year to multiple-year contracts. These authors find themselves bound to long-term contracts written to benefit the publisher by overcharging for publishing fees and offering lower royalties.

Holy Fire Publishing authors maintain all rights to their work. Authors under contract with Holy Fire Publishing may cancel their contracts at any time for any reason with a 60-day written notice. Some authors have been offered film contracts, and since authors at Holy Fire Publishing own their book rights, they were free to cancel their contracts to sign with film companies. Holy Fire Publishing views these as success stories.

Holy Fire Publishing distributors are the best and largest in the world: Ingram Publisher Services (IPS), Bertrams, Baker & Taylor, STL Distribution (UK), and Gartner provide national and international distribution. Ingram and Spring Arbor distribute to most bookstores (both Christian and mainstream) in the USA. Baker & Taylor is the premier distributor for schools and libraries, as well as the top distributor in the United Kingdom. Customers in bookstores from Walla Walla, Washington; to Miami, Florida; or to London, England, will be able to purchase books published by Holy Fire Publishing, even when their bookstores do not have them in stock. Books published by Holy Fire Publishing are produced with high-quality, acid-free, book-grade opaque paper stock. (Books with trim sizes of 6"x9" or smaller are printed on a 55# natural-shade opaque or white. Larger books are printed on 50# white. Paperback covers are printed on a bright white 80# stock in full color.)

Holy Fire Publishing, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word. Go to


Unknown said...

I work with them and they are a class act and a wonderful bunch of people.

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christian book publishers can really help christian authors spread the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.