Monday, August 10, 2009

Ghostwriting, E-Books, Amazon Changing Publishing

Publishing is about to go through the same revolution that music did—one that could level the playing field for self-publishers and independent authors for the first time in centuries.

Your content will finally have the same shot whether you're a New York Times best-selling author or a housewife with your first ghostwritten book. Just as iTunes changed forever the music industry by making digital downloads of songs so easy and ubiquitous, Amazon is changing the publishing industry with eBooks through Kindle.

What this means is that anyone with a book idea can have a shot at stardom, according to many industry insiders and hopeful authors.

"New and independent voices providing content, combined with cutting-edge delivery through the Internet, will reshape publishing," says Larry Leichman of Arbor Books ( "Just as it happened with music, publishing stands to become more autonomous, more populist, less ruled by an elite. Now, anyone with a few bucks and a dream can turn to a ghostwriter and put out a relatively cheap eBook."

Likewise, increased demand for information and entertainment are driving publishers and authors to meet the ever-increasing appetite for more content with ghostwriting and digital eBooks.

According to Mr. Leichman, self-published eBooks can make the journey from concept to writing to download in as little as ninety days with the right book-packaging firm, and the results can be quick profits for the right book. Compare that to two or three years with a mainstream publishing house.

A number of industry experts support Mr. Leichman's assertions and are predicting that the profit center of publishing will move from the traditional houses to individuals with great ideas, insights and stories. New technology is giving these self-published authors the chance to fully own their work, which means they take more of the profits.

"Self-publishers with either original or ghostwritten books are becoming positioned to vie successfully in the once-conglomerate-dominated book market thanks to new book delivery systems and book formats," says Joel Hochman of Arbor Books (

Mr. Hochman adds, "In addition to purchasing print-on-demand books through online bookstores, customers are downloading digital eBooks and audio books."

When looking for an eBook company, keep these things in mind:

* No one eBook format is good for all vendors, such as Kindle and iPhone

* The eBook company must be able to place you on all of the big sites

* Many firms will simply give you a .pdf file, which is NOT the only form of an eBook

* Choose a firm with strong marketing and customer support to keep you on the Internet

* Be sure the firm understands Internet promotion of your eBook


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