Monday, August 17, 2009

Find A Job By Writing and Publishing A Business Book

With millions of executives interviewing for fewer openings in a dwindling job pool, the savvier among them are employing a stand-out device to separate them from the crowd: their own (usually ghostwritten) business books.

The fact is that being an author of a business book remains the fastest way for any corporate executive to establish instant expertise and status, according to public relations and marketing experts who recommend hiring a ghostwriter for speed and project management.

"Having your own book looks great on your resume, gives you, the executive, and the job interviewer something to talk about, is better than a business card, and leaves an impression that can't be beat," says Susan Bosscawen, a former banking executive and the author of "Blueprint Your Future" (

Ms. Bosscawen hired Arbor Books to help publish her book independently. The exciting news is that her book was recently reviewed by "The Miami Herald."

"A business book that showcases your talent and communicative skills is a huge bonus on a resume," says Joel Hochman of Arbor Books ( a full-service firm that has helped dozens of business leaders create books. "That distinction can lead to higher-paying positions, speaking engagements and lucrative consultancies."

According to Larry Leichman of Arbor Books, ghostwriting is an expedient means to getting an executive onto the business stage. It garners publicity, separates the businessperson out from the pack, and gives voice to opinion. The business world is apparently listening--a flood of independently written and produced books have hit the market in recent years.

Particular investment is being made in ghostwriting the content, whereas the publishing and marketing costs have dropped significantly.

"Social media and business networks are exploding, and it seems like almost everyone has a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and a blog," says Mr. Hochman. "But business pros everywhere seem to agree that when we ghostwrite a business book, the impact is far greater. Your book becomes a showcase because a business ghostwriter--like the ones we have on staff--can turn you into a distinctive personality, a leading expert in your field."

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