Monday, August 17, 2009

LifeTips Author P.J. Campbell Demystifies Book Marketing, Inc., offers its highest praises to publishing authority, P.J. Campbell, author of LifeTips Books' 101 Author Tips: Creating a Successful Book Campaign. While Campbell is one of many authors writing for LifeTips, she stands alone in her level of success, and she's now sharing her expertise with the masses.

Campbell started her career with the hope of discovering what it takes to become a successful author. Fifteen years later, as a published author, Director of Events for a major trade publisher, and an author consultant, it's safe to say that she's uncovered a few secrets.

"Through my experience I have developed a keen sense of how an author can achieve a winning book campaign. It includes publicizing, marketing, and positioning both who you are as an author and what your book is about, plus one other essential ingredient: PASSION." --P.J. Campbell

Already a LifeTips Book Series record breaker,101 Author Tips: Creating a Successful Book Campaign is an essential guide to the post-publication process. Her clear, concise, and compelling advice is condensed into 101 easy-to-read tips on everything an author, novice or professional, needs to know to organize a successful book campaign.

"In 101 Author Tips: Creating a Successful Book Campaign, P.J. Campbell reminds aspiring authors that, once your book is written and published, you're nowhere near finished with it--that aside from being your labor of love, a book is a commodity that should pay the bills," said Holly Bauer, Book Publisher at LifeTips. "Many of us assume that the publisher takes care of the actual selling of a book, but this is only partly true. P.J. teaches us that, while most publishers do have a hand in the promotion of their books, there are myriad steps that authors can take to complement and enhance these efforts."

In August, Campbell will embark on a tour of summer speaking engagements across the country. Each stop will highlight the points of her book and give audiences more insight into her enthusiasm for publishing.

Her scheduled engagements:

9/12: Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA Writers' Workshop
10/10: St. Louis Big Read Book Festival
10/20: Oceanside Library, Oceanside, NY

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