Monday, November 23, 2009

Lulu Adds 200,000 eBooks to its Digital Marketplace

Lulu, the leader in open publishing, today announced a vastly expanded selection of eBooks, adding 200,000 titles from authors such as Dan Brown, Malcolm Gladwell and Emeril Lagasse to a catalog of content already among the Internet's most diverse.

"It's time for a new era in publishing, one that treats all content equally and gives all authors an equal shot at success," said Harish Abbott, Senior Vice President of Products at Lulu. "We've built an open content marketplace that lets everyone get their ideas to all readers in all forms, print and electronic. And we mean everyone."

The addition of the 200,000 eBook titles marks the first time traditionally published content has appeared on Lulu and advances the company's mission of creating a one-stop shop with content from all authors, in all styles and in all formats. The goal is to give readers access to the best knowledge, ideas and entertainment and to give authors access to the best audience for their works.

In addition to the expanded selection, Lulu also has enhanced its tools for authors to create their own eBooks. It all ties back to Lulu's goal of breaking down barriers to publishing. Lulu believes in the power of ideas and the potential of everyone to create something powerful. It is giving everyone an equal voice in the market.