Monday, November 23, 2009

New Web Site Offers a Vast Assortment of Educational Literature

Hanna Roth has been a book lover all of her life and has decided to turn her passion into an online business through her new Web site With its launch, the site has provided the public with a new marketplace for all of their literary needs.

The Web site focuses on providing quality, reliable educational resources on a variety of topics, but also has a wide selection of fiction and children's titles. Roth has been an avid fan of non-fiction writing her whole life, especially history and biographies. She wants her Web site to be a destination where other people can have access to these valuable resources.

"Reading is the best way to educate yourself, and books are a great source of information on most anything," Roth said.

In order to keep the public informed about the latest releases and newest additions to her Web site, Roth has recently launched a new blog, The blog will not only have information about her Web site, but Roth will also be posting tips and advice for providing eldercare. Over the last 12 years, Roth has devoted a large portion of her time to volunteering at her local retirement home.

"Eldercare is a big topic nowadays and it is important to ensure that the elderly are taken care of," Roth said. "We are all going to grow old someday, and it is nice to have someone there for you."

Currently the Web site boasts an assortment of instructive gardening, photography and business books, and Roth plans to add full line of eBooks and a section devoted to seniors in the near future.