Monday, January 18, 2010

FastPencil Announces Ebook Publish-Ready Format for eReaders

FastPencil announced their eBook Publish-Ready Format for eReaders offering the only authoring solution that ensures an author's book can be read anywhere today and in the future. FastPencil ( provides authors with an end-to-end publishing platform where they can maintain control of the content creation, price, distribution and sales activity every step of the way.

Authors are frustrated by the inability of traditional publishers to quickly take advantage of new distribution opportunities and in today's market eBooks are increasingly constituting a larger percentage of sales. No matter the device or manner in which authors want to distribute their content, FastPencil puts more money in authors' pockets by stripping out the cost and complexity of eBook and print publishing.

FastPencil gives eBook authors immense flexibility. For instance, authors can take individual book chapters and create eBook editions to promote the larger work. Short-story writers can also use FastPencil to quickly and easily create and publish their stories. Also, as eReaders become powerful and incorporate multi-media, such as video, audio, animation, slides presentations and games, FastPencil authors can rest assured that their books can be edited and new eBook editions can be first-to-market for the richest reading experience.

With the influx of eReaders there will continue to be a variety of eBook formats and with the FastPencil eBook Publish-Ready Format authors can protect themselves by future-proofing their work. Authors using FastPencil to create and store their projects have access to the broadest distribution and complete flexibility for when new destination devices are released and existing devices are upgraded.

"Nearly 25 million eBooks were downloaded in 2009 and FastPencil is committed to making sure that projects written through our platform can be read in print and on any eReader that ever comes out," said Steve Wilson, FastPencil Co-Founder and CEO. "As eReaders progress to incorporate multimedia and new technologies, our write-once and publish anywhere approach ensures your book can be read anywhere today and in the future."

FastPencil Publish-Ready Format Features:

-- Auto-generate table of contents
-- Auto-pagination
-- Auto-merge into professional book design template
-- Auto-merge into eBook formats
-- Uphold Industry standards compliance (title page, copyright, ISBN)

FastPencil Features:

-- Select from a variety of free book templates
-- Flexibly publish original works, blog to book or import existing
-- Connect and share through Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and MSN
-- Print on Demand or to eBook formats
-- Distribution at over 32,000 online retailers including Amazon and
Barnes & Noble
-- Author concierge services including consulting, design services and
-- Collaborate with your book creation team, personal network of friends
or industry professionals
-- Integrated self-publishing wizard for step-by-step assistance
-- Access to many royalty free FastPencil Classics including Tarzan of
the Apes and Cinderella

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