Monday, January 18, 2010

Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up

Discover the new popularity surrounding eReaders and how to begin publishing on Kindle and for Kindle-friendly devices.

Free white paper all about publishing on Kindle(Nationwide)---Discover the new popularity surrounding eReaders and how to begin publishing on Kindle and for Kindle-friendly devices.

Experts are predicting that 10 million eReaders will be sold throughout 2010. Compare that to the 3 million that were sold in 2009 and you can see the new interest behind these devices.

Our Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up includes seven Kindle publishing tips:

Kindle Publishing Tip #1-Why your books and publications need to be online. This section contains additional statistics on how consumers are using the internet to fulfill their need for books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

Kindle Publishing Tip #2-Industry trends incorporating 10 segments of the communications industry that are growing in popularity.

Kindle Publishing Tip #3-Nine segments of the communication industry that are becoming less popular, as other technological advances come forth.

Kindle Publishing Tip #4-How to publish your blog on Kindle immediately after reading this report. Your content could then be available on Kindle within 48 hours.

Kindle Publishing Tip #5-Other eReaders to pay attention to in 2010.

Kindle Publishing Tip #6-Preparing yourself to be digitally adequate in modern times.

Kindle Publishing Tip #7-Publishing approach, file formatting, and pricing.

The Mequoda Group constantly strives to help publishers succeed online by providing them with an array of services, including free daily tips, free reports, webinars, live events, consulting services and software services.

If you want to learn how publish your content on Kindle, visit for your complimentary copy of our Kindle Publishing Competition Heats Up: Valuable Information for Joining the eReader Revolution, and How to Benefit From It.


BuddyWeb said...

With the new Asus color screen ereader coming, the digital publishing industry will continue to evolve. As the display improves, more people will want these devices to read ebooks.


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