Sunday, May 2, 2010

Opportunities for Budding Authors Just Got Bigger

With the publishing of the first entire novel on the Fraxion Payments system, it's now easy for new authors to get published and earn money

Fraxion Payments (, the company behind the plugin that lets bloggers charge micropayments for their content, revealed today a new use for their system: the first publishing of an entire novel.

Chris Wilkins, co-founder of Fraxion Payments, says: "This demonstrates how our system can work for any content and that there are now vast new opportunities for budding authors to get their work published."

He adds that this is important for new authors, because as book shops continue to limit the number of titles they want on their shelves and in their warehouses the harder it's becoming for new authors to become published.

Gone are the days of the publishing industry "having a go" with a new author, he says. "For a new author to be published huge sales must be guaranteed or the book industry isn't interested. This lends itself to block-buster authors and celebrities, and not new authors who might sell a few thousand books." He points out that the first print run of Harry Potter was 1,000.

This is one of the driving reasons he co-developed Fraxion Payments. "I've wanted to get my first book published for some years. After running the gauntlet of numerous rejections from publishers my book is now published and anyone can read it (over the internet)."

"I'm not saying it's a best-seller, but at least people now get to see it and can make a choice. If readers like it they will read it to the end. If they think it sucks, they won't".

Now all the thousands of authors out there the publishing industry has rejected can get their books published in an easy way for readers to buy them directly.

"The opportunities for budding authors are now huge. Any author out there who wants to get their book published and at least start their career can do exactly what I did. And they don't even have to sign a contract."

Fraxion Payments ( is a micropayment plug-in for any content running on the free blog software Wordpress. The Fraxion Payment system is already being used for online magazines, blogs and local journalism sites.

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