Sunday, May 2, 2010

Social networking is used by writer to promote new book

Social networking in all its forms is being used by writer Richard Milton to promote his new crime thriller The Glass Harmonica.

The Illuminati, Benjamin Franklin, conspiracy theories, are some of the key ingredients in The Glass Harmonica. The whole book can be read for free at Authonomy – the web site designed by HarperCollins to enable writers to publish their work electronically (

Says Milton, 'It's nothing new for a writer to publish a blog, to set up a Facebook page or to Tweet about his writing. I'm experimenting with using all social media in an integrated campaign to try to push my book to the top of the Authonomy greasy pole, as a route to getting it published.'

'Writers, and anyone else who is interested in social media, can take a peek behind the kimono during the campaign by following my blog at I'm describing there the various steps of integrating a social media strategy, from website to blog, to Facebook, to Twitter to email marketing. Some of it may work and some of it may not, but it should be an interesting experiment and a fun ride.'

'Sharp-eyed readers will already have realised that this keyword rich press release, posted via online sites and optimised for the search engines, is one strand of the experiment.'

As well as the electronic version of The Glass Harmonica at, Milton has also published a new web site at, a blog talking about social networking for writers at, a Facebook page on the novel at!/pages/The-Glass-Harmonica/1147513... and a Twitter account at

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