Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Writing Template - How to Construct a Book That's Worth Every Penny by Paul Godines

For new writers, the desire to write a highly profitable book can be overwhelming to the point that the writer finds themselves at a standpoint trying to figure out how to construct one that others call expensive.

Lets start by agreeing that people pay most for results, more importantly they want results that are self discovered. Results are most often discovered after an experience, no-one wants a cookie cutter solution at a high ticket price point. They want customized and personalized outcomes.

With that being said then one would believe that if you were to ask the right questions you could help someone, virtually anyone discover the solutions and or directions to their goals. As a matter of fact if you got to know your prospective reader, then you could even build in some unique exercises and experiments.

By weaving the right questions with the right suggestions you could actually guide the reader to create some very individualized and possibly unique outcomes. I can think of a thousand ways to write a book, but one of the best ways to construct an expensive book that's worth every penny is to create a workbook filled with tons of valuable worksheets, checklists and even a few assessments and quizzes.

While a standard paperback sells for $20.00 a workbook can be priced at $300 for each copy sold, because your selling results not just a summertime read. So if you were to create a workbook that a graduate from a design school could use to help them secure lucrative employment, you could easily charge $300 a piece for it.

Think about it, if you constructed a collection of self-assessments and checklists, worksheets and lots of resources and compiled them into a workbook and it actually helped the design student secure a $75,000 a year career wouldn't it be worth $300 to the designer?

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