Sunday, June 13, 2010

Do You Need Help Writing a Book? by Sharon C Evans

Writing a book can be a very enjoyable, introspective experience. When you write a book, you are truly writing about a very important aspect of your own life. Many of the great literary giants in times past taught the important lesson to "write what you know." It is quite common for first time authors to put a great deal of themselves into their first book. Understanding this basic thought will help you on the road to writing your first book. Many authors make amateur mistakes, and they attempt to write about a world they do not truly know. In order to write an honest book, you must learn the new world you wish to inhabit. You must learn the jargon, the terminology and the essence of this world.

This stands true whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction. In order to write non-fiction you must gain a thorough understanding of this "world" or this subject if you are truly to teach your audience. If you want to write a novel then you must make the fantasy of this story come alive with vivid descriptions, realistic dialogue and a strong sense of authenticity in every scene. Where can you go to get help with writing a book? There are many options open to you. First and foremost, you must read on a regular basis. It will be difficult to sit down and write a full-length novel or nonfiction book if you have little to no idea of how sentences are constructed. You must study models of how a story is constructed, and the best way to do this outside of a classroom is to read.

Pick up a timeless classic book or a modern book from the shelves and try and analyze it critically. Notice how and why the author writes a certain way or uses a particular choice of words. Try creating an outline of the story based upon what you read and then analyze why the outline is situated in such a way. The best way to write a book is to increase your knowledge of writing including vocabulary, writing structure and of course, the subject of your interest. If you need help with creating your first book, you can contact an editing service that might be able to work with you on fleshing out your ideas. The best way to improve as a writer is to first improve as a reader.

Sharon C. Evans is an author, coach, speaker and information product specialist. She hosts an audio and video coaching program where her audience can find expert information from book market gurus. The expert can learn to turn their secrets and expert information into books, which truly are the ultimate client magnet. See more at


sharon said...

thanks for the shout out Brian. since writing this post, my book has gone to print - I love sharing the lessons learned - they are so painful and many so unnecessary!

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Steven Smith said...

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