Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 Book Marketing Do's and Don'ts

In the realm of book marketing there are as many opinions as published works. Everyone has a set plot line as to how to market your book in a way that results in sales and, most importantly, demand for additional material. The climax for both scams and legitimate schemes is the same: fame and fortune. This article will help you sort through the overwhelming amount of information and break it down into simple Do's and Don'ts that will get you headed in the right direction.


* Write quality content:
Nothing can compete with a well-written book. Take the time necessary time to create excellent material and shun the temptation to write mediocre work for a quick, fleeting buck.

* Take book marketing into your own hands:
Do not place your manuscript into the hands of a publisher, receive your check and walk away. Make sure that you know how you can effectively contribute to the book marketing plan they will implement.

* Utilize social media networking sites effectively:
Take advantage of the connectivity allowed via online social networking sites by making sure it is quality content that is driving people to your sites and sticking around.

* Stay informed of new technology that affects the publishing world (e.g. iPad):
The world of publishing is changing and you will only increase in your effectiveness if you are aware of the changes. Do not allow yourself to become outdated with what's out there in regards to new technology for print media.

* Create an author's business plan:
Those of a more creative bent tend to overlook the idea of a business plan. Take time to consider how what you are writing fits into the long-term income and vision that you have for your career.


* Rely solely on publishers for all of your book marketing practices:
Consider going the self-publishing route for greater control of the marketing of your book. If you decide to go with an established publisher, let it be known that you desire a say in the book marketing plan.

* Inflate your followers on social networking sites:
Yes, we all know of celebrities who have over one million followers on Twitter but an author needs more than a pretty face to generate sales. Make sure that you are connecting with people on social media sites that are potential readers, not faceless followers.

* Skip over cover design:
An effective cover is an excellent tool in creating buzz for your book. Find a creative designer who will help you create a cover that pops in the eyes of a reader. How many times have you picked up a book simply because the cover was interesting? How often have you overlooked a book because the cover failed to impress?

* Assume your book will sell:
Authors cannot be passive in their book marketing strategy. Do not wait until after your work is finished to think about how you will sell your book. Throughout the writing process be jotting down thoughts and ideas that will eventually help create your marketing plan.

* Rely on cheesy viral marketing plans:
This once again comes back to the idea of quality. If you have a publisher who insists on viral marketing to market your book, aim for videos that do not discredit the value of what you have written. Aim for inanity but instead of insane gimmicks focus on creativity, humor, emotion and interesting confrontation to generate buzz.

These are just a few Do's and Don'ts to get you started and help you sustain your career as a published author.

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