Monday, July 26, 2010

BookDaily Launches Author Online Marketing Resource Center, the leading source of book samples online, has just launched a new section dedicated to helping authors and book publishers promote online.

The marketing advice is distributed by email through the BookDaily "Author Update" newsletter and then appears on the BookDaily Author sectionin a blog-like format. All authors who register for a free BookDaily author account receive this newsletter, along with the opportunity to post their book samples, biographies and marketing information to readers on

Since launching in Spring 2009, BookDaily has distributed more than 21 million book sample chapters. Readers can read the first chapter of a book on the Web site or by email as a way to learn more about a new author or sample a book before buying.

"As the readership on BookDaily continues to grow, our intent is to become a key component of an author's online promotional marketing," said Scott Wolf, CEO of ArcaMax Publishing, BookDaily's parent company. "Our experience in the online advertising world over the past 12 years gives us a wealth of experience that we can share with authors and publishers."

Featured topics in the author resource section of BookDaily include email list building, use of video, SEO, and basic direct marketing concepts like lifetime value of a reader.

"We believe this section will be beneficial to anyone involved in book marketing. Whether one is self-published with one title, or is the marketing director for a major publishing house, we intend to provide relevant content. Because the content will be updated on a regular basis, we expect this section will continue to grow in value," Wolf said.

One useful feature is the stat counters at the top of the section. Visitors can check back daily to see the number of books sampled through BookDaily. Currently the site is distributing more than 136,000 samples per day.



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