Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free The Personal Growth Chicago Book Club

Chicago resident and native Brian Vaszily, editor in chief of one of the world's most popular personal growth websites,, founder of the new international "1 World, 1 Book" club online, internationally renowned life coach, and author of multiple bestselling books, has launched The Personal Growth Chicago Book Club.

The book club is free to everyone living in and around Chicago interested in reading and meeting live to discuss today's most exceptional books that promote personal and professional growth. This most commonly includes books in the genres of Psychology, Self-Help, and Business, and also occasionally Health, Spirituality and Biography, and tends toward new books or those published within the last several years.

Each month, Personal Growth Chicago Book Club members vote on one of three books to read and discuss in the following month. The three books to choose from are primarily culled from members who attend the book club discussions. Members meet monthly at a convenient central location in Chicago to discuss the winning book.

In its inaugural meeting in July 2010, for example, over thirty book club members met at Whole Foods in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago to discuss the book, What EveryBODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed Reading People, by Joe Navarro. Members rate each discussion at the book group's website, and this discussion received five out of five stars.

"I started The Personal Growth Chicago Book Club for two reasons," notes Brian Vaszily. "First, discussing the best personal growth books being published today with other locals who share a passion for reading greatly enhances the lessons and enjoyment of those books versus reading them alone. Membership already consists of a diverse mix of people from throughout the Chicago area - different careers, ethnicities, races, lifestyles, and economic backgrounds, and those from different neighborhoods within the city and different suburbs - and so discussing these books inevitably reveals some amazing and useful new perspectives! By extension, they're a great way for people to network, as well."

"On a more personal note," Vaszily continues, "I also launched The Personal Growth Chicago Book Club to engage with live people from the Chicago area who share a love of reading, discussing ideas, expanding their horizons and improving their life. Through my books, videos and the Intense Experiences newsletter, I reach tens of thousands of people weekly, but they're located throughout the world. That's me sitting alone in front of a computer thinking, feeling, writing, recording and editing most of the week; I'm so grateful my work now reaches so many people, but frankly I missed meeting new people in person who are dedicated to reading and growing personally and professionally."

The Personal Growth Chicago Book Club is free and easy for anyone to join at, where you can also learn more about the club, contact founder Brian Vaszily, and vote from amongst three new personal growth books on the one book you want to read and discuss with other members in the coming month.

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