Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Organization Formed for Independent Authors

The Association of Independent Authors presents a clear vision of the future in publishing – independence is the preferred, and first choice for all authors. To achieve this, the AiA engenders a culture of excellence, teamwork and professionalism in a supportive community environment.

"The publishing industry is undergoing monumental changes," says spokesperson Melanie Walsh, "including an ongoing exponential growth in e-book sales, a change in book buying trends, and a new generation of readers who want everything now on their reading device."

The AiA plans to be at the forefront of this change, representing authors who choose independence over traditional publishing. "It seems difficult for some people in the industry to understand and accept, but there is a large contingent of new-breed authors who choose to self-publish up-front because it is best for them. It's not a case of settling for an easier alternative," says AiA administrator, Cara Edwards. AiA member Zoe Winters explains this attitude in her video series, "Zoe Who?"

Planning is underway for the AiA's inaugural conference to be held in San Francisco in July 2012. A Call for Submissions has now been issued, and given the quality of early responses, organizers expect to deliver a relevant, valuable program on all aspects of self-publishing. Interested speakers have until 1 November 2010 to make a submission on a range of topics including market forces, the process, design, technology, professionalism, and innovation. A strong delegation of independent authors is also expected, and a social program will be a highlight of the three-day conference.

The Association of Independent Authors ( is a membership organization of independent authors predominantly from the USA, Canada, Asia, UK and Australia. Membership is also open to authors who have published traditionally who are now planning to publish their future work, and reverted rights.

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