Monday, December 6, 2010

A New Kind of Literary Magazine Launches

The Writers Federation launched the inaugural publication of the most democratic literary magazine in the world, The Green Dragon Courant.

The magazine is named for the tavern where the Sons of Liberty met prior to hauling up their buckskin slacks and doing their bit to get the American Revolution rolling. Every once in a great while, a gesture sets the world on its' ear and so it is with The Green Dragon Courant's debut today.

"We feel the same way about our writer's website, The Writers Federation. It's the right thing to do. And it's way overdue," said Xavier Sparrow, the site's co-founder. "Many, many people write and have no reasonable outlet for their efforts. And many of these writers are quite good. It's our sincerest hope that by making these writings public, the artist's journey can come full circle. Our writers have submitted their very best work to be judged by us, and only the best of these have been chosen by the readers to be published in The Green Dragon Courant," he added.

The first edition of the magazine features the non-fiction of Twitter star Kelly Oxford as she relives a painful family memory, and Aiofe Dunphy's pensive fiction about an older painter struggling through feelings of loss and the possibility of hopefulness. Uncle Dynamite, another Twitter dynamo, offers a tale about a strange series of phenomena from his boyhood, and a half-dozen more writers present some of their best work.


The Green Dragon Courant:

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