Monday, December 6, 2010

Is 2011 The Year Of Your Book?

You KNOW it has always been in the back of your mind: Some day, you KNEW you would write "that book"! Now you can become a published author more easily than at any other time in history! 2011 might just be the year for you to do it! At the end of this article, you will find a link to a writer's checklist that can be your roadmap to writing, and publishing, that book!

Even if you believe you have no writing talent and no grasp of the English language, you can STILL write that book. All you need are the services of a great "ghost writer" who will take your raw material and put it into manuscript form! No more excuses! Everything is possible today!

Why Write That Book?

First, you've always had plenty to say. You know it's true! Your message is the single most important reason to write that book.

Second, it's a great thrill to enter the world of the published author. It's a great ego trip to see your own book in print!

Third, a published book is a GREAT PR tool for promoting other causes or enterprises you have. Everybody likes a complimentary book autographed by the author!

Fourth, the creative process is a very right-brained activity. Americans are trained to be left-brain thinkers. When you exercise both sides of your brain, both sides of you brain wear smiles!

How Will You Write That Book?

You no doubt have access to a computer. All you need is a good document program, like Word, and you can write on!

Who Will Publish Your Book?

Today, it is very easy to find a publisher! That will come as a surprise to many of you, but it's the truth! You can even "take it to Kinkos" and have it professionally produced., a subsidiary of, is a stellar choice of publisher. They do beautiful work.

How will your book get distributed and sold?

Unless you are a Stephen King, promotion and marketing will be done mainly by YOU. There are so many ways to market and promote for next to nothing in cost. Start with free business cards from Next, make extensive use of online networking organizations like Facebook, MerchantCircle, FastPitch, LinkedIn, Twitter - there are hundreds of these. You will have free access to blogs, newsletters, coupons, even press releases on many of these sites. Use them regularly.

Am I good enough?

The answer to that is yes! You may need a little brush-up and some practice to sharpen your writing skills. One way to begin writing that book is to become a contributor to such organizations as or These are great organizations who foster good writing. Check them out! You can even build a book by writing many great articles and then compiling them into one with a common theme!


It's a perfect time of year to set the intention to WRITE THAT BOOK. You can make 2011 your "year of the book"! Here's the link to the publishing checklist to get you started:

Decide to do it, and then do it! DO IT NOW!

About the author: Sheila Van Houten, DD, PhD, is a published author with two books in progress. Her most recent book, "True Ghosts" is a beautifully illustrated compilation of 22 true ghost stories from her own life. Each of the 30 full-color nature photos by master photographer Louis Wendling contains hidden spirit faces. You can read excerpts at

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