Monday, December 6, 2010

A Growing Trend of Teenagers, Young Women Read eBooks for Social, Digital Entertainment

Wattpad, a social eBook community, released the Q1 2010 edition of its Global eBook Metrics Report. This comprehensive report covers both desktop and mobile eBook usage of users from over 160 countries.

"The number of users on Wattpad has increased over fifty percent in the last quarter, making this our most thorough examination of eBook consumption habits to date" explains Allen Lau, CEO and co-founder of Wattpad.

Key findings this quarter show:

  1. An uptake in mobile users in the United States and the growing popularity of the iPhone/iPad/iPod family and BlackBerry devices.
  2. The United States now accounts for over 50% of BlackBerry and iOS users, followed by the UK.
  3. iOS users were the more active and social users, spending a quarter of 1B minutes on Wattpad during Q3, while BlackBerry accounted for just 40 Million minutes last quarter.
  4. Wattpad saw 90% of traffic come from young women under the age of 25.

To view the complete report, please visit: