Monday, December 20, 2010

Ready to Finally Write Your Book? The Skills Every Author Doesn't Know

A new and enlightening interview is now out with national book writing coach and published author, Lisa Tener, who serves on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School continuing education course on writing and publishing books, while she speaks and teaches throughout the United States.

In the interview Lisa shares important tips, most authors do not know about. Two of the many edifying suggestions are:

1) Writing for Everyone: "We all start out thinking our book is for everybody. I sure did. Doesn’t everyone need help with {my subject}? What I learned, though, is that it’s hard to sell a book to “everybody.” People want to look at a book that says, “me” all over it. When you get clear on a niche (or more than one), you can tailor your book to the needs of these groups and make it much more appealing to them.

2.) Putting the Cart Before the Horse: "If you plan to pitch your book to a traditional publisher, write the book proposal first (overview, market analysis, competitive analysis, author bio, marketing plan, table of contents, chapters summaries and sample chapter(s)). Once you get a publisher, it’s time to write the book."

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