Monday, January 24, 2011

Ever Dream of Writing a Best-Selling Book or Ebook?

School bus driver tells her story of developing an online publishing empire so her friends now jokingly call her the "Internet Publishing Queen..." But it wasn't always this way. In a small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with plenty of hard work to do, at the same time developing an internet business, Cary Ellis found herself working long hours and having to push on when she wanted to quit. Her dream of being a "writer" was almost buried in the routine of everyday life.

She managed to self-publish her first book in 2008, called "Super Immunity Secrets," available here in town at Moonlight Books and Joys Natural Foods, also sold in paperback on Amazon, for Kindle, and as an ebook. Additionally it took huge effort and education to then create her own websites, and discover methods online to do her own marketing.

Publishing Industry Changes

Through this self-publishing process she learned that the publishing industry is changing dramatically. Traditional publisher are not taking the same risks they used to; and they tend to publish books by people who already have a reputation offering them guaranteed sales.

e-Publishing is Green

You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see the changes going on. She learned that though many people still read paper books, there is a huge movement towards e-books or electronic publishing. In fact Amazon's books for Kindle are overtaking their sales of paper books. Kindle isn't the only electronic reader either, Barnes & Noble has their own, Sony has one and the iPad offers electronic reading capability. When you think about it, this probably is better for the environment (cutting less trees for paper, less fuel for shipping), so e-Publishing is Green.

How about YOUR e-Book?

Have you always imagined yourself a writer, maybe with handwritten or computer notes partially or all finished - but haven't known where to go from there? Well wonder no more...

Ms. Ellis has been so kind as to summarize what she's learned about getting your book, ebook or info product created, and out onto the web - and is giving away a 60 page Free Ebook to help you get started! The book is entertaining, encouraging and full of good advice and pitfalls to avoid. Download your own FREE copy now.

Isn't it about time you make your dreams come true?

For those inspired and courageous enough to go the next step, she has also created a detailed training program to help you get your work out of the blocks and into the marketplace. She makes it clear that just imagining what you want to put out there may not be enough.

The wise writer who wants to really get to their audience must do some well-directed research first. Maybe Herman Melville didn't do this with Moby Dick, but we're in an information rich world, where our topics must be targeted to a specific audience. Cary tells us there is a fine art to doing this, in order to achieve success with our work - and potentially put out our own "best-seller."

Catch the video that tells Cary's story, and download your own copy.

Offering step-by-step training for internet marketers, how to create fast easy ebooks and info products for online business success.

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