Monday, January 31, 2011

New imprint, Seventh Millennium, Offers Book Publishing for Indie Authors

New imprint, Seventh Millennium, a division of Nordskog Publishing, Inc. is now in full production.

Authors know that the competition for the few available publishing spots is fierce; meaning that some particularly promising manuscripts will not see publication or will be delayed. Will it be yours?

We are pleased to answer this dilemma with Nordskog Publishing, Inc.'s new MakeMeMyBook division, under the Seventh Millennium imprint. NPI is now seeking authors and manuscripts. Once published, these books will share in the popularity of NPI's regular line-up of Nordskog books of Meaty, Tasty, and Easily Digestible Biblical Treasures; Noble Novels fiction series, and Young Heart Books for children."

With the author providing negotiated full or partial capital costs, and with resources and professionalism far beyond what one might expect from self-publishing, NPI's MakeMeMyBook Division offers priority access to excellent editing, production and marketing services, on an expedited fast-track.

The first book published under this new imprint, Confrontational Politics by California State Senator, Bill Richardson, is already enjoying great success. And a new, worthy, evangelistic book has been put into the African missionary field in less than a month, with regular publication soon to follow!

Nordskog Publishing, Inc. has been publishing Christian based books since 2007. And by February 2011, will have successfully published twenty outstanding books under their various imprints.

For publishing guidelines visit Nordskog Publishing, Inc. at and click on 'prospective authors' at the bottom right.

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