Sunday, September 30, 2007

Library of Congress Launches National Book Festival Toolkit

In addition to planning a range of activities for this year's National Book Festival, the Library of Congress just launched the National Book Festival Young Readers' Online Toolkit to bring the festival into libraries, schools and homes across the country.

The Toolkit features information about National Book Festival authors who write for children and teens, podcasts of their readings, exclusive Q&A about their inspiration and writing process, teaching tools and activities for kids. This interactive resource also shows educators, parents and children how they can host their own book festivals.

The new Online Toolkit will help students, educators and parents bring the magic of the National Book Festival to their classrooms, libraries and homes to make the National Book Festival a truly national experience. The Hosting Guide provides an overview of the toolkit and shows how to use its resources to host local reading celebrations. Students can work with their parents, teachers and librarians and follow these easy steps to organize book festivals in their classrooms, libraries and homes.

Also, check out additional podcasts with the following participating authors who shared their latest work and discoveries: Terry Pratchett, Maria Celeste ArrarĂ¡s, Charles Simic, Rosemary Wells, Victoria Rowel, Patricia MacLachlan, Megan McDonald, and Holly Black.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Self-Publishing 101: Beware of Wolves Dressed as Publishers

"Keep all the rights to your book!"

"Set your own prices!"

If you are a new author looking to self-publish, you have more than likely come across these phrases from companies claiming to help you self publish your book. You have probably requested more information from these companies with the hopes that they will be the answer to your prayers in the quest for more information. These so called companies stand to make a huge profit from your book, whether you make anything or not. These so called 'publishers' promise to make your book available all over the world and in bookstores. Beware. These companies are wolves. And they are out to get your money.

BlackBerry Literary Services was founded in 2005 by author Sandra Peoples-Gates after she bought into the hype that she would be self-publishing a book, her book would be available in stores and people could purchase her book from anywhere in the world. Some hard core research led Sandra to discover the ugly truth about these companies: "They are ripping authors off, big time," she says.

After learning of other authors in the area who had also been suckered by the same company she had gone to, Peoples-Gates decided that it was time to start educating others on what to do and what not to do when it comes to self-publishing. She offers a workshop for writers entitled 'Self-Publishing 101: beware of wolves dressed as publishers,' which breaks down the entire self publishing process and how to do it correctly. Her company literally 'walks clients through the entire process, step by step.' "Authors need to know how to self-publish the right way for their profit, not to fatten the pockets of others. They wrote the book. Why should someone else get paid for it."


CallingAllAuthors Radio Show

Nightengale Press publisher, author, and speaker Valerie Connelly started the Internet talk show "Calling All Authors" on Global Talk Radio in 2005 and watched it grow into a top-ranking popular Global Talk Radio program focusing on authors from all over the world and experts from all facets of the publishing and marketing industries.

"Calling All Authors," the radio program, is the source for the bountiful information in Calling All Authors, the book, which is the inspiration for the community website.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Arbor Books Helps Authors Rejected by Top Publishers

Arbor Books is launching new efforts to assist authors that have been rejected by mainstream literary agents and publishers.

"Independent publishing companies and self-published authors represent the future of the publishing industry," says Joel Hochman of Arbor Books. "They now control over 10% of the market."

The American Association of Publishers (AAP) has a limited membership that does not include the 12,000 publishers, including non-incorporated book publishing businesses, collected for the publishing industry from Biz Stats. In fact, The Book Industry Study Group has a report that indicates that there are at least 53,000 independent publishers.

Publishing industry statistics are not clear; however here is an attempt to name the top 10 book publishing conglomerates in the US with total net sales representing just under 70% of the industry's $25 billion sales, according to Thomas Nelson CEO Michael S. Hyatt:

1. Random House (18.0% market share)
2. Harper Collins (12.4% market share)
3. Pearson (9.1% market share)
4. Simon & Schuster (9.0% market share)
5. Hachette (5.9% market share)
6. Thomas Nelson (4.8% market share)
7. Holtzbrinck (4.6% market share)
8. Tyndale House (2.0% market share)
9. John Wiley (1.7% market share)
10. Scholastic (1.5% market share)

The industry as a whole is growing at a rate of about 10% net sales a year, according to AAP, and the number of titles are also exploding at a rate of about 10% annually.

Since opening its doors over 10 years ago, Arbor Books has helped more than 5,000 authors bring their stories to the printed page.

"Writing the book is only half the story," says Larry Leichman of Arbor Books. "What we provide are valuable, cost-effective marketing solutions that will result in the greatest possible exposure for your book."

Arbor Books’ full-time staff of 25 writers, designers and publicists, as well as 85 subcontractors, guide aspiring authors through the process of creating a winning manuscript, designing a cover, obtaining distribution, and marketing the finished product.

Cofounders of Arbor Books, Joel Hochman and Larry Leichman are publishing industry veterans and are listed in the Literary Market Place.

"The demand for editing, ghostwriting and marketing of self-published works has increased dramatically within the past few years," says Mr. Hochman.

"We are your one stop shop for getting your book out there," says Mr. Leichman. "Arbor Books has the expertise to help authors write, design, publish and market their books. We know the business inside out and we bring our know-how to every book project we undertake."


CEOs and Others Who Want to Write a Book Can Get Turnkey Help

Pawling Associates, a boutique copywriting/marketing firm with a growing roster of global clients, today announced it is partnering with best-selling non-fiction writer Byron Laursen to offer turnkey book proposals, ghostwriting and speechwriting.

"This is the logical next step," said G. Patrick Pawling, Founder of Pawling Associates LLC. "From PR to collateral to direct mail to words that drive sales, we’re integrating everything companies need to boost revenues and increase their visibility."

Added Pawling: "Books are great promotional vehicles for organizations and executives, but how do you get started? That’s where we come in. With a heavy hitter guiding you every step of the way, it’s a lot easier and faster. Every book proposal Byron has authored has drawn offers from major publishers – he’s literally batting 1,000."

Laursen, who also authors speeches for national businesspeople, co-wrote two N.Y. Times best-selling books with NBA legend Pat Riley: “The Winner Within” and “Showtime – Inside the Lakers’ Breakthrough Season.” He’s now interviewing leading neuroscientists for “BRAIN WAVE,” a 2008 book for St. Martin's Press, in collaboration with futurist Zack Lynch.

"Now we do it all, from single press releases to providing entire outsourced marketing/communications departments, to books," said Pawling. "If you want to economically increase sales and visibility, we’re your shop."

Former journalist and magazine writer G. Patrick Pawling founded his company nearly 10 years ago to "add fire and effectiveness" to the writing organizations need to drive sales. The company has since grown into a close-knit, creative union of experts in copywriting, PR, marketing, design and messaging.

Website: Writes a New Chapter in the Book on Self-Publishing

Five years and over one million registered users have made one of the fastest growing websites and the premier digital content platform on the Internet. So what's Lulu to do for an encore? Take the site -- tear it up and make it better!

Lulu is expanding its audience through a new site design, enhanced user experience as well as improved functionality and even more marketing resources, making it easier and more fun than ever to publish.

So what's really new? Improving upon the already innovative Lulu technology, the site's new functionality -- Lulu 2.0- includes a new interface, a new and easier wizard flow, as well as a continued commitment to localization and Lulu's ever- growing global community. is enhancing how people control and interact with their own projects by introducing the Lulu Studio (TM), a Flash- based content building tool that not only provides a web-based typesetting tool, but also provides a platform for users to -for the first time -- be able to incorporate licensed images into their own works in a flexible, cost - effective manner.

The release of Lulu Studio(TM) brings new themes, more paper options, built-in page and cover templates along with a higher resolution digital photo printing process. These higher quality photo books are the first Lulu Studio(TM) offering, with calendars being added in time for the holiday season.

Lulu is also now offering users the opportunity to enhance their content by accessing licensed material from the vast libraries of Getty Images on a pay-per-image basis that will be built into the cost of the book. Getty Images, the world's leading provider of licensed images online has made a library of over 100,000 images available to Lulu users at the pay -per-image cost of $1.00 for cover use and .30 for inside page use.

This partnership will allow creators to access professional images that were previously only available for thousands of dollars. Lulu's authors will be able to include these copyrighted images in their books for only pennies per book sold, allowing them to create a more valuable and marketable product.

The new Marketing Services section makes it easier than ever to promote and sell books, calendars, music or video. Need press release tips? Interested in making your book available to reviewers? It is all there and much more.

Lulu already makes it easy for authors to reach e-book readers by offering our eBook Optimization service that turns their text into a Sony Reader- friendly file that's ready for download. Lulu 2.0 expands this offering by making it possible for any book to be formatted to read on an iPhone as well. Once only available to large publishers, now individual creators can publish and sell their books as a download to iPhone users.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Belletristic Press Author Beats the Odds

"Not many people in my life have had faith in me. No one ever thought that my writing would evolve into something worth publishing. But I've learned that the pen is powerful, and I will use it as my sword." Felisha Bradshaw shared this profound sentiment with Belletristic Press Executive Editor Charli Domelevo, who edited Bradshaw's debut street lit novel Eyes on the Pryze.

Diagnosed with narcolepsy in 1992 and dropping out of high school in 10th grade, Bradshaw's parents feared she was headed down a path of self-destruction. But Bradshaw's love of reading and writing saved her. Years later, Bradshaw earned her GED then enrolled in Housatonic Community College. In May 2007, at the age of 37, she graduated with an Associate degree in Science and a 3.0 GPA despite a disorder that caused her to suddenly fall asleep in one third of her courses.

In the interim, she penned Eyes on the Pryze; a fast-paced gritty Urban Fiction account of Chase Pryze and his identical twin brother, Caine. The twins, separated at birth, meet face-to-face as rival twenty-two-year-old drug lords in an explosive, edge of your seat showdown. "I was awestruck by Felisha's no nonsense storytelling from the first chapter of Eyes on the Pryze to the last," says Domelevo. "Her novel captures the heart and soul of the hip hop lit genre while providing life lessons to the predominately teenage readers of this genre, without being preachy or condescending."

Bradshaw, who is openly lesbian, is active in various youth outreach programs in her native Bridgeport, CT, and is an advocate for GLBT rights. Her success story serves as inspiration to at-risk youth around the globe.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Keller Media Helps Authors Prepare To Celebrate September Holiday

Did you know that according to the Chase Calendar September is the "Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month"? Malibu literary agent, Wendy Keller, offers writers the information they need to get published so they can celebrate the holiday while working on making their publishing dreams come true.

More than 187,000 new books will be published in the US this year, according to the Book Industry Study Group. "Will one of them be yours?" asks Malibu literary agent Wendy Keller, senior agent at Keller Media, Inc. "I've never met a person who doesn't want to get a book published," she said.

Keller, whose company specializes in nonfiction books intended for adults, has reduced more than 18 years of experience and just over 550 books sold worldwide to a compelling formula. Keller offers writers the tools to create a winning book proposal that has the five critical elements covered. Miss one of these elements and your book proposal can end up in the recycle pile. "Once people understand the Lego-like process of building a proposal, they see their dream coming true. It's a matter of knowing what to put where and when, add a dash of passion to some great content, and there you have it." says Keller.

Keller's client list includes best sellers like Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Richard Brodie (the guy who invented Microsoft Word), top level professional speakers like Jim Cathcart and Dr. Nate Booth, leaders of industry, and media darlings like Char Margolis and Col. Randall Larsen.

As an example, Keller says, Jack Canfield had the Chicken Soup for the Soul book proposal rejected dozens of times before finding a willing publisher. Had Canfield known about the five critical elements of a book proposal he might have been published and enjoying celebrity status years earlier.

Keller has the experience, knows what she's talking about and a dream to help more would be authors climb the best seller lists. To make this possible and affordable, Keller Media offers a beginning author live seminar and the popular "Wendy Keller's Simple, Step-By-Step Six CD Program for Getting Your Nonfiction Book Proposal Written & Sold For Maximum Money" that explains and leads people through the process of creating those "five critical elements" of a salable book proposal. Aspiring authors may erase the learning curve by visiting and by joining the free e-zine.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Join The Fight To Give Self-publishers An Even Playing Field

by Lynn Osterkamp, Ph.D.

Are you a self-published author who is tired of getting the door slammed in your face by reviewers, contests, conferences and more just because your books aren't published by a traditional publisher? Join the club! And I do mean join. If we as self-publishers don't begin to work together to combat the bias against our work, we are going to continue to be treated as and feel like second-class citizens of the writing community.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that poorly written, unedited, crummy-looking books should be given the same treatment as high-quality books. But I am saying that books should be judged on their own merits, not on whether they are published by the author or by someone related to the author, and not by the number of copies that are printed at a time. How can someone judge a book when they haven't even seen it?

People say authors only self-publish because they can't get a traditional publisher. That's not my story. I chose to publish my mystery novel, TOO NEAR THE EDGE, through my family publishing company, PMI Books. I didn't send the novel to any agents or publishers first. I made the self-publishing decision based on my experience with my two published nonfiction books--one, self-published has sold over 50,000 copies and is now in its 4th edition; the other was published by a major traditional publisher sold about 5,000 copies and is now out of print.

My self-published novel, TOO NEAR THE EDGE has gotten good reviews from online reviewers and won a silver medal for best regional fiction in the 2007 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) contest. It's available on Amazon and other online sites, and I can keep it in print as long as I want. But if I want it to sell, I have to promote it, which is harder than it should be due to the bias against self-publishers.

I understand that approximately 800 books are published every day and reviewers are deluged with books to review. But I hate that like a trendy new NYC bar, they man the door so that only the well-connected get in. Reviewers should be in the business of judging books not judging publishers. Just give our books a chance.

And why should self-published authors be given second class status at conferences? Here's what happened to me after I found out that the annual "Left Coast Crime Convention," (LLC) meeting--a mystery convention sponsored by mystery fans, for mystery fans--will be in my area in 2008. I figured this would be a chance to go to a regional conference as an author, meet fans, and maybe even get my book in the "book room" to sell. But, no. It turns out that to be considered an author at the LLC I have to either meet the requirements for active membership in the Mystery Writers of America or be shortlisted for a major mystery award like the Edgar or the Anthony. That means I have to have been paid at least $1,000 in advances and/or royalties for my book, which had an initial print run of at least 500 copies. But even then, I can't be considered an author at their conference if my book is self-published or cooperatively published. My publisher must have been in business for at least two years and publish at least five other authors per year, none of whom may be an employee, business partner, or a relative of the publisher. And my publisher must be on the MWA list of approved publishers.

Well my publishing company, PMI Books, belongs to PMA, and we are reputable--but clearly, given all their criteria, they aren't going to put us on their approved list.

So I tried to get in under award thing. My book isn't shortlisted for the mystery awards they list, but I wrote them a very polite email asking if the IPPY would qualify me to be an author at their conference. They replied that I don't meet the eligibility requirements and that awards like the IPPY are not on the list, "since they are primarily awarded to authors from non-traditional publishing houses."

Enough!! These criteria are outdated, unfair and shortsighted. They arbitrarily exclude books and authors based not on the quality of the books but on the publisher and method of printing. There must be a better way. Self-publishers need to work together to end this bias against us.

I've started a new blog--The Populist Publisher--where I hope self-published authors can come together to change our image. I invite you to join us.

About the Author
Lynn Osterkamp, Ph.D., MSW, is a writer, publisher and social worker. Visit her blog, The Populist Publisher, at and leave some comments, express your opinions, and tell your stories about writing and publishing. See Lynn's books at

New Book Publishing Partnership: Sylvan Learning Books

Sylvan Learning, Inc., the nation’s largest and most trusted brand in pre-K through grade 12 supplemental education, and Random House, Inc., the world’s largest English-language trade book publisher, announced a new publishing partnership: Sylvan Learning Books, a newly created line of trade paperbacks and educational kits branded with the Sylvan Learning imprimatur, will be published by Random House beginning in September 2008 and sold through booksellers and other retailers throughout North America.

Sylvan Learning Books will launch with at least eight titles, each focusing on the elementary grades. The program will expand to offer titles aimed at students of all ages, as well as advice and tips for parents, shortly thereafter. An extension and expansion of Sylvan’s popular personalized tutoring programs, Sylvan Learning Books will provide students of all grade and skill levels with encouragement and coursework reinforcement to help boost classroom performance.

Sylvan Learning Books will be overseen at Random House, Inc. by Tom Russell, Vice President and Publisher of several reference imprints within the company’s Random House Information Group division.

"Consumer demand for educational products and services is growing," said Peter Cohen, president and CEO of Sylvan Learning. "As the leader in supplemental education for pre-K through grade 12, parents look to us for expertise and resources that will help them help their children reach their full academic potential. The Sylvan Learning Books will be a natural extension of the Sylvan brand."

Mr. Russell says: "The combination of Sylvan’s extraordinary track record in supplemental education and Random House’s unparalleled marketplace reach really sets this partnership up for success."

This publishing partnership closely follows Sylvan’s recent privatization and the announcement of a new lesson plan to significantly change its consumer offerings and operating strategy, including the re-franchising of more than 250 centers across the nation and continued expansion of its services into online and in-home tutoring. To read the September 11, 2007 New Lesson Plan release, visit

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Novel Action, Inc. Expands to Larger Facility

Novel Action, Inc. has moved its headquarters for to a facility that nearly doubles the size of its previous location. is a membership based online book exchange store with a centralized inventory of used books. It provides avid readers the ability to quickly, easily and cost-effectively exchange books they've read for other books they want. offers both fiction and nonfiction books in paperback, hardcover, and now, CD.

Members select any books they want from the website and send in an equal number of their own books in exchange. Books can also be purchased from the site. The company has flat rate shipping for up to 6 pounds of books and there are no transaction fees. All book exchanges are done directly with Novel Action, and all books offered through the book exchange meet established quality guidelines.

The Novel Action Online Book Exchange launched in Chicago in July of last year, and now serves members nationwide and in the U.S. military overseas. " is of particular value to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas" said Denton, since there is often limited access to books written in English.


Write for Life: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Journal

Cleveland Clinic Press, publishing arm of the Cleveland Clinic, has just released "Write for Life: Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit Through Journal Writing" by Dr. Sheppard B. Kominars ( His book reveals a host of powerful insights and techniques for personal transformation that readers can start using today.

Adapted from Dr. Kominars' popular workshops presented throughout the United States, this journal-writing book provides opportunities for ongoing self-discovery through the use of time-tested tools that young and old alike can use to meet life's challenges and find deeper satisfaction in daily living.

"Write for Life" shows readers how to take advantage of secrets known to generations of journal writers the world over. Both beginning journalers and seasoned practitioners can learn ways to:

-- Confront emotional issues from the past
-- Break through frustrating mental blocks
-- Deal with personal, professional, or medical crises
-- Revitalize life's meaning and purpose
-- Free creativity
-- Act on dreams for a better life

"There's a big difference between writing 'Dear Diary, I saw him today ... ' and getting things off your chest that you'd rather not say out loud," says Dr. Kominars. "Compelling evidence supports the journal-writing process as a legitimate integrative therapy."

In his journal-writing book, author Kominars shows how and why this practice has such healing powers. How does he know? He's been journaling for more than fifty years and has recovered from a life-threatening health issue and survived other crises as well. Journal writing
works for him, and he demonstrates how it can work for others, too.

Website: Cleveland Clinic Press

The Practical Side of Book Awards

by Ken Wilson

Reading has always been an enjoyable activity. Some read what they spontaneously find and some read what others recommend them to read. Book awards may represent a trustworthy recommendation for you. The national book award, with its subdivisions, represents the most prestigious and craved for recognition of one's literary work. You can choose from the many books that have received this award throughout the years by browsing our archive.

Just like in the movie industry, music and science, in literature too it is very important to point out the best. This is what book awards serve for: helping, first, the authors and publishers by promoting them and then, of course, the readers who can decide more easily upon what they choose to buy and read. Book awards are not all about publicity and any other commercial purposes. They also talk about appreciation of talent and skills. What author would not want to have the privilege of winning such a prize and hearing the appreciative comments of the distinguished members of the jury?

The National Book Award is, without a doubt, the most desired recognition. Structured into several categories for different genres, it offers the possibility for writers of different visions to make a reputation. Winning the National Book Award can mean the high point of one's career or the beginning of a very exciting journey towards national and international fame. Ever since the '50s, this type of achievement has helped debutants to make their way and choose to define and improve their styles.

For the readers, book awards should be a great way to save the time and energy spent walking along the library shelves. The entire ceremony is a great list of names that can make it to your nightstand. Even the nominees should make the object of serious consideration, particularly when it comes down to the National Book Award. Here you can find the next possible record-breaking bestsellers. If you are passionate about reading, you must be aware of the beneficial outcomes of book awards in your life. Reading is about getting away and looking away from the surroundings and the world itself, so why should you not choose to escape with people that made literature their world? Occasional readers see books differently as compared to renowned critics that study and take into consideration values related to writing technique, style and originality.

Whether you like fiction, nonfiction or poetry, you have many titles from which you can choose. Nevertheless, a title that has entered a competition like the book awards is surely worth your undivided attention. The National Book Award is homage to literature and to the passion and pleasure that you find in a good book, in a well-written one. In order to understand what book awards can do for you, you must first understand why they are so important and how the process functions.

The selection of the authors does not take place because of a test. The selection occurs strictly on terms related to the actual quality of the work. In this manner, you can say that you have thoroughly enjoyed a book that has participated in the book awards. In such circumstance, quality is at high value. One of the awards that most speaks about quality is obviously the National Book Award. It represents the entire country and its echo can spread even across the boarders.

If you wish to stay in touch with what is new, available and good on the book market, you must remember to follow the line of winners at the book awards. For more than that, enjoy the book that has won the National Book Award.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

What's in a Name? Bids on Naming Rights for California Businessman

Participating in one of the world's most unique marketing experiments,, the online marketplace for digital content, is bidding on an opportunity to legally rename a California man after the company.

Stan Oleynick, a 23-year-old Web designer and developer from Sacramento, Calif., is auctioning off his personal naming rights to the highest bidder in an effort to raise capital for an Internet project he's launching. According to the auction Web site,, Oleynick will legally change his name to the company or Web site address of the highest bidder.

Once his name is changed, he will then attempt to break a Guinness World Record, which will enable the sponsoring company to receive the recognition that comes with the record-breaking accomplishment. As an added incentive, Oleynick says the winning bidder will receive a 10 percent equity stake in his as-yet-disclosed Internet project. has placed a bid of $4500, which is currently the top offer in the public online auction hosted by Oleynick is accepting bids until October 1, at which point he'll announce the auction winner and begin the legal name-changing process. Bidders also have the option to end the auction automatically, at any time, by committing to a purchase amount of $250,000.

"We are always looking for that perfect holiday gift for our best selling author. Maybe this year we will give him or her the right to rename Mr. Oleynick after their book," said CEO Bob Young.

Oleynick says he is open to suggestions on which record he should attempt to break once he changes his name. However, one record he is considering for his challenge is to become the fastest to manually type the numbers one to one million. According to Guinness, Australian Les Stewart is the current record holder for this achievement, completing the project over a period between 1982 and 1998.

Oleynick points out that if he is unsuccessful in his effort to break a Guinness World Record within one year's time, the sponsoring company will receive a 100 percent refund. As part of the agreement, Oleynick will maintain his new legal name for one year.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

E-Reading Experience Comes Alive

Recent studies show that romance readers are among the tech-savviest of readers. In fact, an article in the 8/9/07 issue of the New York Times reported that "the (e-book bestseller) lists are led by romance and women's fiction." Now, for the first time ever in the publishing industry, Avon Books will offer a cutting-edge e-book original, LADY AMELIA'S SECRET LOVER (on-sale 9/4/07, $3.99, Avon Books), by bestselling author Victoria Alexander, as an exclusive e-book with embedded video starring the author.

"Through Avon's many successful online initiatives, we've learned that romance readers want to foster a relationship with their favorite authors," notes Avon Books publisher Liate Stehlik. "The publication of this exclusive e-book featuring a popular author allows us to deliver the personal contact that fans desire."

Consider it an online DVD extra: As readers makes their way through the downloadable e-book, Alexander will pop up onscreen at various points in the novel to talk candidly about the plot's turning points and her vivid characters. This multimedia experience will draw readers into the novel with words and insights directly from the famed romance author.

Lucia Macro, executive editor for Morrow/Avon, says, "When I first saw Victoria Alexander come onscreen, I couldn't get over how much fun it was to see (and hear) her commentary. We specifically chose this author to launch this new technology because Victoria, a former broadcast journalist, has extensive on camera experience. She also has a great sense of humor -- which comes along winningly in these interactive pop-ups."

The "DNL Reader" technology used to bring alive this interactive e-book was developed by DNAML Pty Limited. Theresa Horner, director of e-book operations for HarperCollins Publishers, notes, "We have created a dynamic experience that engages the reader in a unique way -- this DNL Reader technology enables us to bring together author and reader -- and extends the author's vision in new and exciting ways."