Monday, January 31, 2011

New imprint, Seventh Millennium, Offers Book Publishing for Indie Authors

New imprint, Seventh Millennium, a division of Nordskog Publishing, Inc. is now in full production.

Authors know that the competition for the few available publishing spots is fierce; meaning that some particularly promising manuscripts will not see publication or will be delayed. Will it be yours?

We are pleased to answer this dilemma with Nordskog Publishing, Inc.'s new MakeMeMyBook division, under the Seventh Millennium imprint. NPI is now seeking authors and manuscripts. Once published, these books will share in the popularity of NPI's regular line-up of Nordskog books of Meaty, Tasty, and Easily Digestible Biblical Treasures; Noble Novels fiction series, and Young Heart Books for children."

With the author providing negotiated full or partial capital costs, and with resources and professionalism far beyond what one might expect from self-publishing, NPI's MakeMeMyBook Division offers priority access to excellent editing, production and marketing services, on an expedited fast-track.

The first book published under this new imprint, Confrontational Politics by California State Senator, Bill Richardson, is already enjoying great success. And a new, worthy, evangelistic book has been put into the African missionary field in less than a month, with regular publication soon to follow!

Nordskog Publishing, Inc. has been publishing Christian based books since 2007. And by February 2011, will have successfully published twenty outstanding books under their various imprints.

For publishing guidelines visit Nordskog Publishing, Inc. at and click on 'prospective authors' at the bottom right.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ever Dream of Writing a Best-Selling Book or Ebook?

School bus driver tells her story of developing an online publishing empire so her friends now jokingly call her the "Internet Publishing Queen..." But it wasn't always this way. In a small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with plenty of hard work to do, at the same time developing an internet business, Cary Ellis found herself working long hours and having to push on when she wanted to quit. Her dream of being a "writer" was almost buried in the routine of everyday life.

She managed to self-publish her first book in 2008, called "Super Immunity Secrets," available here in town at Moonlight Books and Joys Natural Foods, also sold in paperback on Amazon, for Kindle, and as an ebook. Additionally it took huge effort and education to then create her own websites, and discover methods online to do her own marketing.

Publishing Industry Changes

Through this self-publishing process she learned that the publishing industry is changing dramatically. Traditional publisher are not taking the same risks they used to; and they tend to publish books by people who already have a reputation offering them guaranteed sales.

e-Publishing is Green

You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see the changes going on. She learned that though many people still read paper books, there is a huge movement towards e-books or electronic publishing. In fact Amazon's books for Kindle are overtaking their sales of paper books. Kindle isn't the only electronic reader either, Barnes & Noble has their own, Sony has one and the iPad offers electronic reading capability. When you think about it, this probably is better for the environment (cutting less trees for paper, less fuel for shipping), so e-Publishing is Green.

How about YOUR e-Book?

Have you always imagined yourself a writer, maybe with handwritten or computer notes partially or all finished - but haven't known where to go from there? Well wonder no more...

Ms. Ellis has been so kind as to summarize what she's learned about getting your book, ebook or info product created, and out onto the web - and is giving away a 60 page Free Ebook to help you get started! The book is entertaining, encouraging and full of good advice and pitfalls to avoid. Download your own FREE copy now.

Isn't it about time you make your dreams come true?

For those inspired and courageous enough to go the next step, she has also created a detailed training program to help you get your work out of the blocks and into the marketplace. She makes it clear that just imagining what you want to put out there may not be enough.

The wise writer who wants to really get to their audience must do some well-directed research first. Maybe Herman Melville didn't do this with Moby Dick, but we're in an information rich world, where our topics must be targeted to a specific audience. Cary tells us there is a fine art to doing this, in order to achieve success with our work - and potentially put out our own "best-seller."

Catch the video that tells Cary's story, and download your own copy.

Offering step-by-step training for internet marketers, how to create fast easy ebooks and info products for online business success.

Monday, January 17, 2011

BookBaby Makes Distribution to Kindle, iPad Easy for Independent Writers

BookBaby throws open the doors to the electronic publishing and distribution world for independent authors, offering the highest pay-out rate for eBook distribution in the industry. Authors will receive 100% of their net sales revenue -- paid weekly -- generated through all BookBaby's retailer network, including all the major retailers including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Sony, and soon, Google.

To celebrate its debut in the eBook world, BookBaby is offering worldwide eBook distribution for an introductory price of $99, a $50 discount off the regular price of $149. More details can be found on BookBaby's website:

Focusing on products and services for the independent author community, BookBaby is a new division of parent company CD Baby. Over the past decade, CD Baby has paid out over $120 million to indie musicians worldwide, and has helped level the playing field between DIY musicians and major labels by opening worldwide distribution channels to unsigned artists. Now, with their recently launched BookBaby division, they're doing it again for the publishing industry.

"In just six months since our soft launch, BookBaby has established itself as THE destination for authors looking for a simple, comprehensive solution to their digital distribution needs," says BookBaby president Brian Felsen. "We make it easy: our sign-up includes a free EPUB conversion to ensure your eBook is distributed to all of the largest retailers."

BookBaby's services are priced to be affordable to independent authors – both established and new – as well as small and medium-sized imprints that need an easy solution for eBook distribution to all major retail outlets. Since the company does not collect a royalty or commission on sales revenue from its authors, it's as if those authors went directly to the retailer to sell their eBooks, with the added convenience of consolidated sales reporting across all retailers, one simple title submission process for all retailers, and weekly payments to authors.

Book Baby will digitally distribute your work to the biggest eBook retailers in the world, making your eBook available to be read on all of current -- and future -- devices:

Apple iPad (through the iBookstore)
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Sony Reader

As part of its simplified eBook program for independent authors, BookBaby offers format conversion services, helping clients to convert .doc, .html or .txt files into ePub, which is rapidly on its way to becoming the new standard format for electronic publishing.

eBook Checkouts at Libraries Up 200 Percent in 2010

Libraries and schools worldwide were at the forefront of the eBook boom in 2010, as patrons and students downloaded millions of digital books for iPhone, Android, Sony Reader, NOOK, and personal computers. More than one million new users signed on to access free eBooks, audiobooks, and more from 'Virtual Branch' websites last year, resulting in a 200 percent increase in eBook checkouts and a 52 percent increase in audiobook checkouts over 2009.

Key statistics for library eBooks, audiobooks, and more from OverDrive-powered digital catalogs include:

  1. 718 million book and title catalog pages viewed
  2. 15 million digital titles checked out
  3. 6.6 billion minutes of spoken word audio downloaded
  4. 400,000 copyrighted eBook, audiobook, music, and video titles available to libraries

Library users are able to download eBooks over the air directly to their iPhone, iPod touch, and Android tablet or phone, in addition to downloads for PC, Mac, and popular eBook readers. The free OverDrive Media Console apps launched with EPUB eBook support in December 2010 and helped drive new records for library mobile checkouts. OverDrive will release an optimized iPad app with eBook support, as well as BlackBerry, with other platforms in development.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CoverCake Promises to Simplify Online Book Discovery

CoverCake wants to solve the book discovery problem with its CoverCake online book discovery platform. CoverCake is like a TV guide for books, and makes discovering books featured in popular media a snap. Can't remember that book from your favorite show? CoverCake allows you to look up a show and see a list of the books that have been featured on it. Selecting any book in the list takes you to a page with a brief synopsis, author info, and a list of shows that particular title was featured on. Users are then given links to stores and local libraries that have that book. The platform can be currently experienced through the website, or by downloading the application "CoverCake Books" from the Apple Store.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kindle Author Puts Readers In Book, Then Kills Them

Kindle has changed the way authors write their books. And the way authors interact with readers. In fact, one author has begun putting readers in his books as characters, and then killing them off.

"As a joke, I put my girlfriend in my book, then had Jack Klak kill her off. She thought the idea was hilarious, and wanted to come back in the sequel" said Paul J Coleman, author of Jack Klak: MAESTRO.

Because of the instant feedback of the Internet, authors and readers can stay connected more than ever before. Amazon book reviews give authors a look inside reader's minds, and many authors have blogs where fans can chat with them.

Mary Wilcox, Trends Analyst at ic7 Media said: "Paul started a thread on the Amazon Kindle forum asking for murder volunteers, the response was overwhelming. Authors can now speak directly to their readers right on their Kindles. It's fun interactions like these that make Kindle books so powerful"

Paul says that anyone who is "chosen for death" in his latest book, will get a free Kindle copy of the book. "It's my little way of saying thanks" added Coleman.

For readers who want to be included in his next thriller, you can visit his blog:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nook Vs Kindle 3 Review and Comparison By Elaine Currie

Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook are the two serious contenders for the title of best e-reader. There are other electronic reading devices on the market, but Kindle and Nook dominate the scene while the others are fading further into the background. So, this is going to be a straight review and comparison of Nook and Kindle as the two market leaders.

Since the launch of the first models of Nook and Kindle, the enhancements of each subsequent version have brought the two contenders closer. It is harder than ever to make a decision as to whether to buy the new Amazon Kindle or the latest Nook. The two models under scrutiny here are the Kindle 3G (+Wi-Fi) and the Nook (Wi-Fi +3G).

Any attempt to compare and contrast Amazon's Kindle 3 and B&N's Nook is bound to highlight their similarities rather than underline any differences. The two e-readers are the same size to within a fraction of an inch. They are the same weight to within a couple of ounces. The battery life of each of them is 10 days of reading.

The Manufacturers' refinements to these two devices have made it very difficult to place either brand in top place. People looking to buy an e-reader have been swayed first towards the Kindle, then towards the Nook and back again. The competition is closer than ever with the two models we are looking at today. It is simply not possible to say that one is obviously superior to the other. So how do you decide on a winner in the Nook vs Kindle battle?

The selection of an e-reader is very much a matter of personal choice. The best way to approach a review of Amazon's Kindle 3 and the Barnes & Noble Nook is to consider how you will use a reading device. How much do you read, what do you read, where do you read? With a clear idea of the way you want to use the reader, you can make a choice on the basis of the following features of each device.

1. International travel. Do you want to be able to download reading matter overseas? The Nook only works within the United States. The Kindle 3 enables you to download books in over 100 countries via GSM network. You can, however, use both of them anywhere in the world to read books you have already downloaded.

2. Weight. The Kindle 3 is lighter (and slightly smaller) than the Nook. The difference is only a couple of ounces, but this might be important to you if you travel a lot.

3. Navigation. The Kindle has push button navigation only. The Nook has touch-screen navigation. Which makes you more comfortable?

4. Memory size. The Kindle 3 can hold up to 3,500 books. The Nook can hold up to 1,500 books. (However, the Nook has an expansion slot to expand the memory if you want to.)

5. Color screen. One other notable difference between the Kindle and the Nook is that the latter offers a color screen. This might not seem of great benefit in a reader, but this feature might be something you would prefer.

Either of these devices will prove to be excellent value for money. The ongoing competition between the two manufacturers has ensured that the quality of the products keeps going up while the prices are kept down. The choice is yours, and you can't lose.

To find special low price deals on Kindle and Nook visit and be sure to get the best e-reader for you at a price you'll love.

Digital Media Marketing - Marketing Your Digital Products Offline

By Carolyn Anderson

Digital products such as software and eBooks are hot items that you can buy online as downloadable items. However, if you are one of the eBook writers or software developers who want to market your products not only on the internet, you can actually find a lot of ways to market them offline as well.

For digital media marketing tips, you can actually store your eBook on CDs and DVDs and market them offline as well. Although downloading digital products is a convenient and easy way to sell information without having to print your eBooks for example, or publish it, but of course, many people would also want to have a tangible copy for their eBooks and software so they can bring it along with them.

If you are an eBook writer or someone who develops and sells software, you can also explore the option of putting your products into discs so that you can sell them offline to your friends, give them away as contest prizes or incentives, or sell them in flea markets. Putting it on CD or DVD also allows you to sell your products in online auction sites where you can sell them in sets or in bulk as well.

To help you sell your digital products offline, aside from your online efforts as well, here are a few tips that you might find useful.

- Use high quality discs if you want a long-lasting file. However, it is important to note that digital mediums may change over time, as floppy discs have become obsolete, the mediums existing today may also become obsolete in the near future, so make sure that you also remind yourself to upgrade your storage medium over time.

- Store your files or digital media in two or more backup mediums. Of course, you may never know what will happen to your one and only copy, so it is just commonsense and wise to have two or more copies of your eBook or your software.

- Keep your backup copies safe and secured. Of course, if you are marketing these products, you would surely want to make it available to many not just today but in the years to come, so make sure you can still provide copies in the future by making sure that you do have a backup file that can still be accessed in the future.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to help you market your digital media. Indeed, there are a lot of ways for your digital media marketing, but you have to keep in mind as well that even though you have a digital product, you can still market them offline to boost your sales and your profit.

Carolyn Anderson writes and markets her eBooks. To learn how you can copy your digital files on discs and sell them offline, check out digital media marketing. Also check out Easy Licensing Pro, where you can learn how to put up a successful online business without having to create your own products.

PR Newswire Launches PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers

PR Newswire has launched PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers, an affordable service that helps authors and publishers promote and publicize their books.

The toolkit targets smaller, independent authors and publishers that currently lack the resources to raise awareness and generate buzz for their books. The toolkit also includes educational resources such as: tips to promote books to the media, advice on how to write effective press releases, promotion and marketing pointers and how to launch an economical public relations plan.

The toolkit allows users to leverage other PR Newswire products to reach consumers and the media including ProfNet Connect, an interactive platform that connect experts and journalists, in addition to multimedia and news release distribution and MEDIAtlas, one of the world's largest sources of editorial contacts for print, online and broadcast media.. Authors and publishers can also take advantage of special promotions and offers designed specifically for small business owners. Interested parties can access the toolkit by going to