Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PR Newswire Launches PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers

PR Newswire has launched PR Toolkit for Authors and Publishers, an affordable service that helps authors and publishers promote and publicize their books.

The toolkit targets smaller, independent authors and publishers that currently lack the resources to raise awareness and generate buzz for their books. The toolkit also includes educational resources such as: tips to promote books to the media, advice on how to write effective press releases, promotion and marketing pointers and how to launch an economical public relations plan.

The toolkit allows users to leverage other PR Newswire products to reach consumers and the media including ProfNet Connect, an interactive platform that connect experts and journalists, in addition to multimedia and news release distribution and MEDIAtlas, one of the world's largest sources of editorial contacts for print, online and broadcast media.. Authors and publishers can also take advantage of special promotions and offers designed specifically for small business owners. Interested parties can access the toolkit by going to http://toolkit.prnewswire.com/publishers/index.shtml

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